How to fix the 32nd ranked offense

Its no Secret that the Bucs had the worst offense in the NFL last season but it wasn't due to our running game (22nd) but more the fact that our passing game was BRUTAL! This is how Licht/Lovie can fix the Bucs via the draft:

1st pick 7th Overal-WR Mike Evans

Evans is a huge reciever that fights for the ball and the Bucs already have a reciver like Evans in Vincent Jackson but he's 31 and starting to slow down. Jackson is a perfect mentor for Evans and would make for an amazing down field duo that would help McCown or Glennon. Evans may not have blazing speed but his hands, route running and size is amazing. Some people think 7 is too high for Evans but Matt Miller has him ranked as the 7th best prospect in the draft and if we know one can coach size!

2nd pick 38th overal-G Xavier Su'a-Filo

Su'a-Filo is a dominant run blocker that moves quickly off the line. He can play as a zone blocker or a drive blocker and would be the final piece to our O-Line (if Nicks can play). He was a captain for 2 years at UCLA and prior to playing guard he played left tackle so he has some versatility. Some mock drafts have him going late first round/early second round due to the fact he has small hands and benched only 25 reps at the combine. I think he would fall to the Bucs at 38 and would be hard to pass up when we have a hole at guard.

3rd pick 69th overal-WR Donte Moncrief

At 6'2 220 with a 4.4 40 time, Moncrief has a solid combo of size and speed. He is an amazing route runner that would be perfect for the Bucs passing game as a slot reciever. His size would cause mismatches all day and he may not be an amazing striaght line runner but he explodes out of breaks and has quick acceleration.

5th pick 143rd overal-TE Richard Rodgers

Richard Rodgers is a familiar name to the Bucs since he was recruited by Bucs OC Jeff Tedford at CAL. The 6'4 257 TE is a big body that has lined up on the line and in the slot. He has the size, speed and athleticism to develope into a good blocking TE to go along with his solid recieving skills. He played 35 of 37 games at CAL so he's durable and would be perfect competition for Myers and Wright. Tedford has already said that he thinks Rodgers can be the best TE in the league so if he's there in round 5...don't be surprised if the Bucs reach abit for him.

6th pick 185th overal-OLB Prince Shembo

At 6'1 Shembo isn't very tall but his 33 inch arm length certainly helps him out a lot. Shembo is good at avoiding blocks and has the thick build for an NFL linebacker. He's good at finding the football and has experience in different spots on the field playing on the line rushing the QB and in coverage. Shembo would be a good pick up for both depth and competition at SLB.

7th pick 221st overal-QB Connor Shaw

Connor Shaw threw for 21 TD's and only 1 int last season at South Carolina. The Bucs said earlier that they saw potential franchise QBs in this draft that aren't named Mazniel, Bortles or Bridgewater and Shaw might be that guy. Shaw is a winner and competes every down. His game against Wisconsin at the Capital One Bowl shows that he can put the game in his hand. He went 22 for 25 for 312 yards 3 passing TDs a rushing score. He had over 6000 passing yards and 1000 rushing yards in his career at SC and would be perfect competition at QB for McCown and Glennon.

This is obviously a offense heavy draft but thats where the Bucs need the most help and after their free agency moves, the only major needs for the team. We would have solid options in the passing game and it would open up the running game. Here is how the Bucs would look:

QB-McCown, Glennon and Shaw

RB-Martin, James, Rainey and Demps


WR-Jackson, Evans, Moncrief, Owusu and Hawkins

LT-Collins, Meredith and Daniels

LG-Nicks, Cousins


RG-Su'a-Filo, Omameh,and Foster

TE-Myers, Rodgers and Wright

Content provided by a member of Bucs Nation and does not necessarily reflect the view or opinions of Bucs Nation.

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