Reasons why the Mike Williams trade was a good move, Louis Murphy is the next Joe Jurevicius, and why Oniel Cousins is our franchise quarterback.

My first actual fanpost made here on Bucs Nation:

I know people here have been lamenting why was the Mike Williams trade for a 6th round pick was executed by Jason Licht. Well, look at this way, Mike Williams' contract was set to go up from the 1.8 million this year to 5.4 million salary next year (don't quote me on that though), and with that meant his recent production would have to match the level of his salary to increase the likelihood of getting a 5th or better round pick.

In other words, Licht was pretty much facing an ultimatum in that scenario: Either get guaranteed value back for him now as a 6th round pick, or take a risk and give him another year to see what he can do. If Licht went with the latter, he'd be taking the risk of having another down year from Williams again and if that happens, then you will get absolutely NOTHING in value in attempting to trade him, and pretty much be forced to cut him in that scenario because we sure as hell aren't gonna be paying yet another player on the roster way above what he's worth (cough cough Davin Joseph), and neither will any other team we attempt to trade Williams to.

So, Licht went with the safe, "get value back now" option while he still could, something a certain shady man up in New England is notorious for doing (and yes, that same man whom knowingly recommended a certain dimwit to be ours + Cleveland's head coach). Oh, and I say all of this without even bringing up his off the field issues (depending on how you see it) into the equation.

And you might be wondering, just what we do now about the wide receiver position? Well, for one, we'll definitely be keeping Vincent Jackson in the short term, but also likely be shifting Tim Wright back from Tight End to his natural wide receiver spot. Vincent Jackson and Tim Wright are listed on the Bucs team website as 6-5 230 lbs and 6-4 220 lbs, respectively, meaning their straight speed + stride combination shouldn't be that far apart from one another. And as we recall, Tim Wright was just plain horrible at run blocking during his TE stint last season. And as for our 3rd receiving option, that leads me to this guy ....

I say Louis Murphy can be our Joe Jurevicious because like Joe, whom had Keyshawn Johnson + Keenan McCardell in front of him, this guy will likely be no higher than 3rd on the depth chart. While Jurevicious was 2 inches taller than Murphy, Murphy has much faster speed in the open field, and like Joe, both had average to terrible quarterback play for the first part of their careers. Jurevicious had Danny Kanell, Kent Graham, and Kerry Collins (throwing for 11 TD to 10 INT, 16 TD to 14 INT, and 49 TD to 40 INT, during Jurevicious's NY Giants respectively). Murphy had quarterbacks like JaMarcus Russell, Bruce Gradkowski, Jason Campbell, Carson Palmer, Cam Newton, and Eli Manning (throwing for 3 TD to 11 INT, 11 TD to 10 INT, 19 TD to 12 INT, 13 TD to 16 INT, 19 TD to 12 INT, and 18 TD to 27 INT, respectively). The point here is, both these guys are comparable in size and in the not so ideal QB play either of them had prior to arriving to Tampa Bay.

Finally, I say we have our franchise quarterback in Oniel Cousins because of several key factors he holds within himself that no other quarterback in this league has. For one, he's from Jamaica, which means he can directly communicate with coaches while out in the field in Jamaican language which can't be deciphered by most, if not all NFL players, giving the Bucs great pre-snap audible advantages during offensive drives. Secondly, he has the size of an NFL QB in that he is 6-4 tall, giving him ample space to be able to see above linemen to analyze what the linebackers + defensive backs are positioning themselves in. And lastly, like Ben Roethlisberger, he can "shake off" smaller linebackers and defensive backs attempting to rush the passer, along with his unique ability as reported by Cleveland Browns + Baltimore Ravens fans to shout "OLE!" to incoming defensive players to distract them from making solid fundamental tackling techniques on Cousins.

Seriously though, FUCK Oniel Cousins. It's quite frankly offensive to me we thought of bringing him to our organization, even if it was only for a preseason camp roster spot. If that's the case (which I hope to the football gods it is), then I'd rather either bring back Davin Joseph for the veteran minimum or bring in some young, undrafted free agents to see if we strike gold with any of them (remember now, guys like Jeff Saturday and Demar Dotson were both undrafted offensive lineman too). Signing Oniel Cousins is the only move thus far this offseason that I could not comprehend the logic of doing by the Lovie Smith + Jason Licht regime thus far.

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