BamaBucc's Tampa Mock 5.0 (since I skipped it bwahaha - OL retool)

Hello........I'm back, y'all miss me?

Anyway lets get to it

This mock was a challenge that presented to me, all QBs and both WRs were gone, so I traded down in the 1st down to pick 13 with St Louis for a 2nd and 3rd rd pick to add. Then in the 3rd with St Louis' pick I traded way down with New England for a 4th. Then in the 7th I wanted 2 players so I traded down with Jacksonville for an extra 7th.

1st Round Pick #13 - OL Taylor Lewan, Mich - Probably the cleanest OL in this draft, really like his skill set especially pass blocking. Could plug him in at RT and have a long term starter or even slide him inside. A Swiss Army knife OL with a lot of skill. He would go a long way in helping rebuild and retool the OL.

2nd Round Pick #6 - WR Marqise Lee, USCw - Lee has been falling recently in drafts down past the 1st as has Adams from Fresno, but Lee has a much better skillset and is gonna be a good pro player. He is one of the hardest workers at his position in this draft and can really get in space and make people miss. A steal this low (and I think he will fall) and will go a long way in replacing Mike Williams.

2nd Round Pick #12 (acquired in trade with StL) - OL Xavier Su'a-Filo - Another player who has been tanking lately in favor of David Yankey because of scouts studying and breaking down the film. It's not fair to XFS because he did the Bruins a favor this year by playing LT and it really showed all his flaws with footwork and upper body strength. In a ZBS as an OG I feel pretty confident he'd be a mauler on either side and shore up that need and at the very least be a plug-in guy if (knock on every piece of damn wood in sight) Nicks is injured again this year. Also another steal this low if he's available they better run the envelope up to the podium with the quickness.

Round 3 Pick #5 - DE DeMarcus Lawrence, Boise St - The more and more film I watch of Lawrence the more impressed I become. He is a man amongst boys as a pass rusher and commands respect from at least one blocker who better have quick feet. He has long arms and a knack for QB pursuit, reminds me a lot of a Jason Babin type guy with speed and foot quickness and that unmistakeable lean that makes a pass rusher elite. Tampa could use him a lot in rotation on the DL.

Round 3 Pick #29 (traded down from 13, acquired from New England) - TE CJ Fiedorowicz, Iowa - I'm hoping he falls this far but he may not however I believe if there is one TE Licht likes and Tedford likes...this is the guy. His skillset is reminiscent of Gronk with the way he overpowers people and uses his power and length to snag catches and is still easily the best run blocking TE in this draft. He has superstar written all over him in my opinion just because he understands the position so well and how to use his long arms and upper body to his distinct advantage. A matchup nightmare from Day 1 at TE and not a guy you have to worry about even as a rookie with blocking.

Round 4 Pick #8 - DT Anthony "Freak" Johnson, LSU - AJ us a perfect fit for Tampa's DL rotation. He is a guy who can show flashes of Geno Atkins type DT skills and brilliance and just needs a bit of work ethic, something Leslie Frazier can instill. When you watch AJ's tape or LSU D tape in general he stands out even against great OL units and demolished some inside OL in the process. He's a guy that needs a system like Tampa's with talent around him and he could be an animal.

Round 5 Pick #3 - QB Aaron Murray, UGA - Murray is scheduled to throw at UGA's pro day which might move him higher, might even skyrocket him up some boards. I am of the opinion that despite the physical size (about the same size as Brees) that Murray has the upside that could make him the best QB in this draft in the end. He was a force at UGA and never had a standout WR or a great OL and made all the throws and put up ridiculous numbers his whole career. Tampa's situation lends Murray the time he will need to fully rehab his knee and compete the way he can when fully healthy and a guy I would be excited about as the future at QB.

Round 6 Pick #9 - CB Ross Cockrell, Duke - Still love this guys upside and he is a player that has flown under the radar much of his career at Duke. He reminds me a lot of a guy Lovie tried to lure down to Tampa, Charles Tillman. He has that same skillset and is a wrecking ball all over the field especially in zone. A do-it-all type CB and a defensive leader at CB.

Round 7 Pick #7 (traded down 1 spot to add an extra 7th, acquired from Jacksonville) - RB James Wilder Jr, FSU - A jack of all trades RB or FB in the League that provides an awesome athlete and depth. Dad was a Bucc legend so its a match made in heaven.

Round 7 Pick #16 (acquired from Jacksonville) - WR Kevin Norwood, Alabama - Don't say it...I know what you are thinking haha but I really want Norwood and this low he's still a steal.

Well that's it so onto the poll...

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