Bucs 2014 Mock Draft with trade of pick #7

Draft Trade:
Tampa Bay Buccaneers trades pick #7 to the Philadelphia Eagles for picks #22 & #54 in the 2014 Draft along with DE Vinny Curry


We only have 5 picks in this deep draft. The Eagles are dangling the 25yr old Curry because he is a 4-3 DE and does not fit their 3-4 scheme. In addition, the Eagles are known to trade up for players they covet. The two players they covet for their 3-4 defense are Khalil Mack and Anthony Barr. We can parlay the #7 pick into 2 picks and a starting player in a position of need. Curry played very well for the Eagles when given the opportunity as a pass rusher, however, he is not a 3-4 DE. The deal makes sense for both teams. I live outside of Philadelphia and have watched some of the Eagles games and this kid is a talent. He would be a terrific player in Lovie's scheme.

Round #1 (22 - from Eagles) - DT Rashede Hageman, Minnesota 6-6 310

Hageman is a beast with the athleticism to play DE or DT in any scheme. Pair him with McCoy with Spence as rotational player and the DT position is no solid. Playoff teams are built from the lines out.

Round #2 (38) - WR Donte Moncrief, Ole Miss 6-2 220

Some people might think this is a little high for Moncrief, but it is not. In addition, there will be a strong run on wide receivers from pick #25 into the middle of round #2. Moncrief has the size, speed and play making ability to replace Mike Williams. He played against the best talent in the SEC and has #1 WR potential. He gives Glennon and the offense another weapon.

Round #2 (54 - from Eagles) - OG Brandon Thomas, Clemson 6-3 310

Thomas played OT for Clemson, but projects to OG in the NFL. He has the size and athletic ability to be an excellent OG in the NFL and will challenge for playing time early. Thomas fills a need and gives the Bucs options on the O-line.

Round #4 - LB Jordan Zumwalt, UCLA 6-4 240

Zumwalt was overshadowed by Anthony Barr, however, this kid can flat out play. He has the size (6-4 240) and speed (4.7) to play either OLB or ILB in the NFL. I see him playing either SLB or MLB for Lovie's defense. He has the ability to drop into coverage in the Tampa 2 or play the run. You could call him a poor man's Brian Urlacher, but the MLB in Lovie's scheme is very important to making the defense work.

Round #5 - TE Xavier Grimble, USC 6-5 260

Grimble is a super athletic player who didnt get the playing time at USC needed to development. All of the tools are there, he just needs coaching and playing time. He could be a steal in round #5.

Round #7 - P Pat O'Donnell, Miami 6-4 220

O'Donnell averaged 47 yards per punt with more than 20 inside the red-zone. He has an NFL leg. This would enable the Bucs to release Koenen and his $3.25m contract

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