Some Draft Thoughts

A franchise Quarterback is essential to the success of a football team.

I am not opposed to the idea of drafting Blake Bortles, Johnny Manzielor Teddy Bridewater at #7. Often times in order to secure a franchise caliber QB high risk is involved and a leap of faith must be taken. I would be completely happy to take that risk and extend that faith for any of these three players. This is not, however, what I am most hopeful for.

I am in the camp of believing that Glennon could turn out to be our guy. He's worth taking an extended look at. A Quarterback should still be drafted this year regardless of that. Derek Carr in the second round, if he's still available, may be a good choice. Brett Smith or Johnny Garoppolo are intriguing options. While I'm not a fan of Aaron Murray or AJ McCarron there is no doubt that they have potential to play and perform well at the next level. They may be worth taking a look at in the fourth or fifth round. McCown seems more than capable of manning the helm for at least this season if not two seasons. If he can play and produce like he did for Chicago last year at a consistent level then by all means let him. He's not the long term solution, but he could be a good mentor for either of those six players while they are groomed and developed for the next year or two.

WR is the direction I am really hoping the Bucs go with in the first round. The defense has gotten a serious boost through Free Agency. More depth is needed, yes, but you do not draft a player in the first round for depth. OLB and LE are the weakest spots that I see as far as starting positions go. I like Casillas and Clayborn, but they are both injury prone. Casillas is unproven as a full season starter. Clayborn is unproven at LE. CB could use more depth, but I think Verner and Banks appear to be good to go on the outside. Mike Jenkins could potentially be the slot corner, but that is very much up in the air. Mike Jenkins could very well show out and become the #2 corner and Banks could take the slot. Jenkins could fizzle and be nothing more than depth. Too many questions for my liking, however I feel as though CB can be addressed in the later rounds.

Explosiveness and speed in space are two aspects of the impeding new look Bucs Offense.

OC Jeff Tedford has talked about them at, seemingly, every turn. A player like Sammy Watkins fits that mold very well. He is the player I am most hopeful for. If Watkins isn't available at #7 I think the best route to go would be to trade back, acquire more picks and draft Brandin Cooks or Marquise Lee. I am specifically very high on Brandin Cooks. Ideally Watkins falls and Tampa picks him up. Back up plan is trade down and get Cooks.

I've seen people talking about the possibility of trading down to draft C.J. Mosely, and while I'm not opposed to the idea since he is an exceptional player I feel as though it would unnecessary. It would be a waste to put Mason Foster on the outside, and he is more than capable on the inside. Is he the best MLB in the game? No. Is he a good player with great potential and room to grow? Yes. In my eyes he's earned his starting spot at MLB. More depth is needed at MLB, but again depth is not for the first round.

TE is another need. It is my hope that Austin Seferian-Jenkins will be available in the third and Tampa will pick him up. Jace Amaro is a very intriguing option in the second if he's still there. Ebron is another interesting choice in the first. He has monster potential. I'm not quite sold on taking him at #7. Maybe trade down one or two spots and pick up an extra pick or two and draft him.

Overall more talented skill players are needed on offense. Vincent Jackson is only getting older and he needs help. I'm a big fan of Mike Williams and I hope he is able to stay on the team as he will be a great asset to have. The defense has gotten a major boost in Free Agency and it is my hope that the offense gets some major attention in the draft. Watkins/Cooks, ASJ, O-Line help and Carr/Smith/Garoppolo/Murray/McCarron would be ideal.

Despite all of this if for some reason Clowney is there at #7 everything goes out the window and he should be drafted to suit up for Tampa no questions asked.


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