My 1st Mock Draft. Only the first 7 picks with explanations for each.

I'm very excited about this year's draft, and after reading a bunch of mock drafts, I decided I wanted to do one of my own. I've been a Bucs fan for the past 16 years and I feel like I have a good grasp of what they need this year. I won't include any trades here, although I realize that trades are very likely to happen in the actual draft. I'm also going to only do the first seven picks, since I'm not going to our pick in the 2nd round for the time being.

1.) Houston Texans: Blake Bortles (QB)

- I don't think the Texans will make the mistake of drafting another Mario Willaims with the first pick, no matter the talent level of Clowney. They have the pieces to win soon, and a new coaching staff that will want to start with their own franchise QB. I wanted Keenum to do well last year, but I think the new coaching staff will want someone different. Tough choice between Bortles and Bridgewater here.

2.) St. Louis Rams: Greg Robinson (T/G)

- Watkins is the shinier pick, but the wiser choice for the Rams, considering the division they play in, would be Robinson. The Rams have taken many, many young WRs in the draft the last few years, and I think Fisher will want to give them time to develop and take care of the trenches.

3.) Jacksonville Jaguars: Jadeveon Clowney (DE)

- I don't know how I feel about this pick, since the Jaguars sorely need a franchise QB to do anything in their division. Chad Henne is not the long term answer, but many think Clowney is the pick since Bradley is a defensive guru, so he's the pick here. Maybe the Jags can get a QB in the 2nd.

4.) Cleveland Browns: Teddy Bridgewater (QB)

- This was another tough choice for me, and I am a believer in Brian Hoyer (he makes good, quick decisions, and that offense was clicking with him under center). But I think with an entirely new regime they will to start with their hand-picked franchise QB, and that's Bridgewater here. From what I've read, Browns fans would be ecstatic of TB fell to them. I think the coaches will be happier with the safer pick of TB over Manziel.

5.) Oakland Raiders: Khalil Mack (OLB/DE)

- I don't know enough about the Raider's needs, but a lot of people have them improving their defense if the draft went this way. Manziel and Watkins are options as well, but I think Mack is the most helpful pick for them at #5.

6.) Atlanta Falcons: Jake Matthews (LT)

- If I'm a dirty bird fan, I'd be very happy with this choice. Matthews has the talent and technique to be a #1 pick, and they'd have Ryan's blindside covered for the foreseeable future. Sure they would love an elite pass rusher, and they might be crazy enough to sell the farm for Clowney considering they did the same for Julio, but if they could stay put and get one of the best LTs in the draft, why bother?

7.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Sammy Watkins (WR)

- If the draft unfolded this way who else could the pick be? We did a great job filling most of our needs in free Agency, and Watkins is the BPA here, and he fills a need. With Watkins, Jackson, and Williams (who I hope stays with the team, even with all his "off field troubles"), we could switch around the positioning of our WRs any way we'd like.

Other players I'd be okay with if they fell to us are Bridgewater, Bortles, Robinson, Clowney, or Mack (although all of these are long shots, and Mack is an uber luxury pick).

If none of these guys are there at 7, and we don't trade down, I don't know who we are going to pick. Some choices that I've seen that I don't like are: any OT besides Robinson (why???), Manziel (I've watched his "highlights", and I'm not sure if he can succeed in the nfl), and Barr (seems like he's gonna get swallowed up by NFL O-linemen, but maybe not).

So what do you guys think? Please let me know, and thanks for reading!

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