BamaBucc's Mock Draft 2.0 (Hooray for Defense!!)

BamaBucc's Mock Draft 2.0 less trades (although there are a few more in there) more needs filled.

Here are the picks:

Round 1 Pick 20 (ARI): C.J. Mosley, ILB, Alabama (A)
Round 2 Pick 6: Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State (A-)
Round 2 Pick 13 (DET): Timmy Jernigan, DT, Florida State (A)
Round 2 Pick 20 (ARI): Jason Verrett, CB, TCU (A)
Round 3 Pick 5: A.J. McCarron, QB, Alabama (B+)
Round 3 Pick 20 (ARI): Tre Mason, RB, Auburn (A)
Round 4 Pick 20 (ARI): Anthony Johnson, DT, LSU (A)
Round 5 Pick 3: Jay Prosch, FB, Auburn (A)
Round 7 Pick 6: Kevin Norwood, WR, Alabama (A)

Round 1 - I attempted to trade up and no one accepted the trade so once my pick came I traded down (at first hoping to nab Eric Ebron around 11 - 12 and he was gone at 9) so I traded back down again garnering a 2nd from Detroit and a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th from Arizona. At the pick my goal was either a CB or a Mosley if he was there and he was.

Rd 1 pick 20 - LB C.J. Mosley, Alabama - I've stated my love for Mosley on here before and if he is the 1st round pick I will literally piss my pants I think knowing our LB corps will be the best 4-3 LB group in the League. The Tampa 2 scheme requires a rangy MLB than can cover ground and play a coverage role on the back end while Mason Foster isn't that type LB, CJ Mosely is. Drafting Mosley allows Leslie to slide Foster over to OLB and that is an instant upgrade to the whole LB unit. I'd love having one of the best LBers I've seen don a Crimson jersey for Alabama (and I'm not BSing and that is saying quite a lot) then to be drafted by Tampa.

Rd 2 pick 6 - WR Brandin Cooks, Oregon State - WR after WR flew off the board in rd 1 and teams were stretching at the end of the 1st for guys yet no one pulled the trigger on Cooks. Tedford said he wants "speed in space" and this guy embodies that skill set better than any other WR. It not only adds a WR but a dynamic playmaker to add in the slot.

Rd 2 pick 13 - DT Timmy Jernigan, FSU - This pick was an absolute steal this low I know, but somehow he kept falling maybe his lack of size. I could've gone TE and took Sefarian-Jenkins (not sold on him) the value was what led me to pick Jernigan and it would bolster Tampa's DL depth in a strong way.

Rd 2 pick 20 - CB Justin Verrett, TCU - Another really good value pick and a CB who probably fell below where he should probably be drafted talent wise, because of a surgery and his size, but he isn't as small in stature because of his physicality and long arms. Verrett excels in zone and off man coverages and is the gritty physical corner Lovie and Leslie both want. Tampa and Verrett would be a great fit.

Rd 3 pick 5 - QB AJ McCarron, Alabama - Again I wrote a Fanpost on McCarron and Tampa would be the perfect situation for him. We will get a few years out of McCown and McCarron can develop and be groomed by Tedford and hone his QB skills. There is no doubt that AJ has the moxy and smarts to be a franchise level QB, lets not kid ourselves, he played at a very high level for 3 years and set every record there was at Alabama. There is a question about whether or not he's just a game manager and that remains to be seen. If he was only a game manager he was a damn good one. Tedford and Lovie both say they want a young QB to add to the mix, who better than McCarron.

Rd 3 pick 20 - RB Tre Mason, Auburn - I have had the pleasure of watching Tre's whole career at AU and watch him develop into a dominant runner this past year as a Senior. Mason has a ton of upside being relatively productive in 2 totally different schemes and showing upside in both. He also has a great 3rd down RB skill set with the ability to get open in flats and catch pretty well. The value of this pick made me pull the trigger.

Rd 4 pick 20 - DT Anthony "Freak" Johnson, LSU - Lovie has stated on several occasions that his ground plan of a stout defense starts at the ground level so to speak with the defensive line, which is far from being the right depth even with the additions of FA. Freak showed absolute flashes of brilliance at LSU because of his speed and athleticism he is still very raw and presents himself to whatever team that drafts him as a canvas they can build into a dominant gap plugger with patience. He reminds me a lot of Geno Atkins who was just a physical specimen and a freak coming out of UGA but very raw undefined skill set. Freak has all the tools to be just as good as him, depends on the development.

Rd 5 pick 3 - FB Jay Prosch, Auburn - Tampa now has a glaring hole at the FB position with Lorig leaving and I think bar none Prosch is the best FB especially blocking wise that I've seen come out in the last 5 years or so. The transfer from the B1G to Auburn was to be closer to his family even though Malzahn's system rarely used or took advantage of a FB, one step on campus and Gus was adding him into all the formations and carving out his niche. That is how much talent Jay has as a blocker in space and in pretty much any formation. Tedford employs a power running philosophy and to do that in the NFL you need a good blocking FB in most cases and I believe Prosch is a guy Tedford can use as a muse in the run game like Gus did.

Rd 7 pick 6 - WR Kevin Norwood, Alabama - I had him as this pick here in my last mock simply because I think if he falls this low he's a definite steal. Sure handed big bodied physical WR who is a consummate team leader and silenced quells of his speed by running a 4.48 at the Combine so he's plenty fast enough. Adjusts well to a ball in the air and plays a very physical game with DBs over the top on deep passes. I really like Norwood as you can tell lol.

so there it is what do you guys think?

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