Brent Smith a QB the Bucs should Target

If the Bucs are looking to add a QB in the draft this year it makes the most sense to add one in the 3rd or later rounds unless Bridgewater/Bortles/Manziel fall to them at 7. One QB I think they should heavily look at is Wyoming's signal caller - Brett Smith.

He started out the 2013 season as an unknown prospect and since has turned the heads of many NFL scouts. Smith is a superb athlete and a few scouts have said that he's a more controlled version of Johnny Manziel. He was some how snubbed from the NFL Combine and will likely have to find other ways to get his name out there to help his draft stock.

Playing for Wyoming had its downsides for Smith though as the offensive line was terrible, forcing Smith to throw on the run often and make to plays on his own, which often led to him throwing into tight windows. He loves to gamble down the field but if he has receivers that can jump and fight for the ball like Jackson and Williams then he should be making more positive plays than negative.

One thing that is really impressive about Smith is his ability to read coverages before the snap. He knows how to pick up the Blitz and even when he's under pressure he doesn't get rattled. His football intelligence is very high and his ability to read the field before taking off on the run is what some scouts say make him a more controlled version of Manziel.

Smith has quick feet and has deceiving speed when he takes off on the run. He rushed for 573 yards and 4 scores this past season and while he may not be a Kaepernick or Newton, he can be more like Russell Wilson, only running the ball when needed or forced to.

Glennon struggled at picking up the blitz and with his lack of mobility the Bucs saw a lot of sacks. Tedford preached about Speed in space and one thing Smith had the Ability to do is create more time to get the ball to his play makers (especially if we end up with Sammy Watkins at 7).

By no means do I think hes a definite franchise QB or a day 1 started but hes certainly a QB that is not named Murray, McCaron or Mettenberger that we can keep an eye on in the middle rounds. This could be a good gamble for the Bucs and would be good competition for Glennon. If you want to see some tape on Brett Smith then here you go.

Brett Smith (QB Wyoming) vs Air Force (2013) (via Justis Mosqueda)

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