What do the pro-Glennon people see in him?

I want to start this out with this disclaimer: I do hope the Bucs upgrade the QB position, I don't think Mike Glennon is very good and I don't think he will ever become a top shelf QB. But this doesn't mean that I wouldn't be happy if Glennon does become a top shelf QB. If he can then that's all the better for the Bucs and I will be happy with him. I just don't think it will happen.

But aside from that I'm having a hard time understanding the Pro-Glennon viewpoint.

A lot of the things that people talk about in support of him are:

1. His TD:INT ratio, his completion percentage and his QB rating.

  • Sander has written an article about misleading statistics. And statistics are not the best indicator of how good a player is. Game film has shown that he isn't a good QB. He doesn't excel at reading coverages and isn't good with ball placement.

2. He had a terrible team around him and a lot injuries.

  • Every team has to deal with injuries and overcome them. They should never be an excuse. As for the terrible team, this team was far better than the completely devoid of talent 2009 Buccaneers that Josh Freeman had to deal with, yet he showed the potential for being a top shelf QB with his comeback win over the Packers.

3. Lovie Smith took Rex Grossman to the Superbowl. And we won the Superbowl with Brad Johnson.

  • Yes these things are true. But the likelihood of those things happening in today's NFL which has become a QB driven league are very low. Lovie Smith was fired in part for his lack of getting a QB who is more than a game manager.

4. You guys gave Freeman 5 years why not give Glennon more than 13 games?

  • Again Freeman showed some potential even in his rookie season (comeback win against the Packers). Glennon hasn't shown the same potential. Plus there wasn't really any chances to upgrade that spot during Freeman's time.

5. Greg Cosell says he is a better pocket passer than RG3.

  • That doesn't mean anything. RG3 has never had to be a pocket passer until this past season. His rookie season and in college he never had to do it. Mike Glennon has had experience with it working in a pro-style offense in college. Based off of that he should be the better pocket passer. Also being the better pocket passer at the moment doesn't mean he is overall a better QB.

6. He was the best of the rookie QBs last year. (thanks to BamBamBuc for the addition)

  • Being the best of the worst QB draft class doesn't say much.

7. He was playing in a terrible system. He had terrible coaching. (thanks to TitsMcghee for the addition)

  • This is probably the best argument for him but even then there are some faults. This means we should probably ignore what he did last season. And we should use his senior season at NC State to look at him. His strengths coming out of NC state were: cannon arm, good mechanics, book smart, height. His weaknesses coming out of NC State were: bad decision making, doesn't have good accuracy, inconsistent, throws a lot of interceptions, a statue in the pocket, etc. So using that he still doesn't come out as someone we should bank on becoming a top shelf QB. And his last season wasn't as good as the seasons the top QBs in this draft had.

8. He looked good in the no huddle offense against the 49ers. (thanks to 4QB for the addition)

  • You're saying two drives was enough to prove something to you. This while saying 13 games is not enough to evaluate him?

9. Give Glennon a year if he doesn't improve we can just get another QB in the next draft. (thanks to 4QB for the addition)

  • According to Lovie Smith a good defense and good special teams can get you to around 10 wins. Assuming we aren't going to do anywhere near as bad as this year, what makes you think we will be in a position to draft a good QB next year? And if you saying we can trade up, wouldn't it be better to trade up this year when we have a higher pick which means it shouldn't cost us as much?

10. Jeff Tedford is amazing at developing QBs. (thanks to 4QB for the addition)

  • Yes he was amazing at developing QBs, in college. Most of those QBs though weren't successful in the NFL. But besides that he is unproven in the NFL. We have no idea how good he will be. The argument using Jeff Tedford is a lot of just hope.
  • Also say he is really good at developing QBs then why don't you think it would be a good idea to draft a top QB from this draft and see what he can do with them? They have more talent for him to work with.

And one last one regarding why they wouldn't draft a QB.

11. I don't like any of the top 3 QBs in the draft, even if we were to try and upgrade the QB spot.

  • I have seen people ask for why pro-Glennon people don't like the top 3 QBs, and yet those questions have gotten no responses. People say Bortles wouldn't even be considered as a top QB if mariota and hundley hadn't stayed in school. And I say Bortles came on strong towards the end of the year. And yes it is true that QBs are pushed up in the draft, but then why wasn't Glennon pushed up in last year's draft? Why was there only one QB taken in the first round last year? Also if you are making the reasoning that they aren't Andrew Luck so we shouldn't draft them, that is flawed as well. Andrew Luck is a once in a generation prospect, you can't just wait on drafting a QB til the next once in a generation prospect is there.

This one isn't something they say in support of Glennon but rather what a few pro-Glennon people hilariously believe is a reason why people don't like Glennon. (thanks to welcomebackfrank for the addition).

12. Glennon is goofy looking....

  • I just hope the people who've said this were being sarcastic

Those are pretty much the only things the Pro-glennon people have said about supporting Glennon. And I've put down in the shortest possible form why those arguments don't really help support Glennon.

What I would like is for pro-Glennon supporters to give me an argument that is more than just blind hope. An argument that will make me believe in him.

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