About Khalil Mack

I have seen a lot of mock drafts which have the Bucs drafting Khalil Mack at the #7 spot. I'm not sure why exactly. I don't really like the idea of trying to convert a LB to a DE, which is what we need. And if he stays at LB he would be the SAM backer, which isn't on the field in the nickel formation (a formation that will be used heavily against the saints and falcons).

Anyways I watched two videos of his play:

Against Ohio:

Against Stony Brook:

Based solely off those videos, I really don't want us to draft Khalil Mack. The big positive I see from him is that he is very quick and very fast. Also he hustles to the ball. But that's really it.

What I don't like:

  • I didn't really see him get that much pressure. Or at least he wasn't putting the initial pressure. Mostly he would come in the play at the end to "finish off" the QB after his teammates got pressure to get the QB moving.
  • He doesn't seem to have any power rush moves or counter moves. He relies solely on his speed to get after the QB.
  • If the Offensive lineman can get their hands on him they can fairly easily shut him down when he is rushing. When the Ohio or Stony Brook O-Lineman got their hands on him, he was pretty much done for that play at that point. And to point out the obvious NFL O-Lineman are much better than the O-Lineman of either of those two teams.
  • He doesn't seem like he can shed blocks all that well. He usually just tries to run away from them. But if he gets engaged, then he usually cannot escape them.
  • He's not really a factor in the run D. He often got blocked up and then didn't really go anywhere. If he isn't blocked he doesn't take great angles and often misses.
  • He's not very good when he has to move laterally. He's much better running north to south which is when he can use his speed.

Yes they are only mock drafts that have us picking him. But it worries me that he will even be considered based off of what I saw. Maybe I'm wrong and those were just relatively bad tapes. Does anyone know more about him? Has anyone watched more of his tape? Do you think he would be a very good DE?

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