NFL Combine 2014: Quarterback measurements

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL combine's measurements are probably the most relevant element for the draft eligible quarterbacks. We have the results for you, right here.

Johnny Manziel is short, but has humongous hands. I'd make a joke here, but I can't think of a good one. It's hardly shocking, though:  his size was evident from watching the tape, and it seems like people don't think the height itself will be an issue for Manziel in the NFL. Mostly, his issue will likely be playing within a system, or finding an offensive coordinator who can harness his talents for

More surprising (and encouraging) were Teddy Bridgewater's measurements. While he doesn't have the biggest hands, his 6'2" 2/8", 214 is significantly bigger than expected, eliminating the biggest question mark regarding the Louisville quarterback. He actually clocked in as slightly bigger than Derek Carr, which is mildly surprising. Bridgewater is widely seen as the most pro-ready NFL quarterback, although he doesn't have the arm strength of Blake Bortles or explosive talent of Manziel.

Meanwhile, Logan Thomas has the best physical measurements of everyone in the building, and probably the worst quarterbacking skills as well. There were no real shocking reveals among the other players.

Here's the full table of results, courtesy of Big Cat Country.

NOTE: Height is listed using the scout method for height, IE 6024. The first numbers is feet (6 = 6 feet). The next number is full inches with a leading zero (02, so 6'2") and the final number is an eighth of an inch. This means someone listed at 6024 would be 6'2" and 1/2".

Player School Height Weight Hand size
Blake Bortles UCF 6050 232 9 3/8
Tajh Boyd Clemson 6010 222 9 5/8
Teddy Bridgewater Louisville 6022 214 9 1/4
Derek Carr Fresno State 6020 214 9 1/2
David Fales San Jose State 6020 212 9 1/4
Jimmy Garoppolo Eastern Illinois 6020 226 9 1/4
Jordan Lynch Northern Illinois 6000 217 8 7/8
Johnny Manziel Texas A&M 5116 207 9 7/8
Jeff Mathews Cornell 6040 223 10 1/8
AJ McCarron Alabama 6032 220 10
Zach Mettenberger LSU 6050 224 9 3/4
Stephen Morris Miami(FL) 6020 213 10 1/4
Aaron Murray Georgia 6000 207 9 1/8
Bryn Renner UNC 6030 228 9 1/8
Tom Savage Pitt 6040 228 9 5/8
Connor Shaw South Carolina 6000 206 9 1/4
Logan Thomas VTech 6060 248 10 7/8
Dustin Vaughn West Texas A&M 6050 235 8 7/8
Keith Wenning Ball State 6030 218 10
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