The Case for Trading Up (poll added)

The seventh pick.

The Bucs went through Schiano drama, MRSA, QB controversy, QB controversy controversy, and a 4-12 season.

For the seventh pick.

Yikes. I've made it clear before that I feel safe in saying the Bucs will need an upgrade at QB. The position is undoubtedly the most important one in the sport. And, unless this defense is going to be historically dominant, the QB will have to play a large role in the team's success. As appreciative as I am of his effort this past year, I don't personally believe Glennon will be able to reach that level. But what upgrades are available?

The free agency well is pretty dry, with the cream of the crop being either serviceable backups or Michael Vick, who's largely unpredictable and generally unreliable on the field. The draft offers three quarterbacks largely considered to be likely to be long-term upgrades to Mike Glennon in Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles and, possibly, Johnny Manziel. But that's three quarterbacks, with at least four quarterback-needy teams picking before pick number seven. And only two of the quarterbacks seem to be good fits in new OC Jeff Tedford's system.

Conditions would seem to be ripe for a Buccaneer trade-up in this year's draft. But that aforementioned seventh pick is one of five total this year for the Bucs, or six at the most. The roster, while talented, does have plenty of other areas that need to be addressed in this and future drafts. Basically, the Bucs lack much ammunition for a trade-up. But it still may not be definitely out of the question.

The price of a trade-up seems to be too steep this year. But the question arises -- when exactly will the price go down? Trading up from the seventh spot will, hopefully, be much easier than trading up from next year's spot for a Winston, Mariota, or Hundley. The addition of Lovie Smith and his staff should keep the Bucs from picking in the first half of the draft -- especially the top ten -- for years to come. This may be the lowest that the price will get. So, if you deem it necessary to upgrade at QB, as I do, shouldn't trading up this year at least be considered? What would be something of a setback now would be a possibly huge net gain in the near future.

But yet, I'm not necessarily advocating trading up. But, if I were in charge, I'd be really thinking about it. It's time for the front office to put on their thinking caps.

They have chrome facemasks.

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