All-Bucs Bracket Round One

As the arguements pile up on the first article, let me make a few things clear...

1. This is for fun.

2. This isn't some silly simulation I just come up with...If you'd like to simulate your own matchups visit


Anyway this is round one updates!


1991 Vs 1986- The game was a back and forth battle! Vinny and Cobb dialed up some key offense late to rally from 14 down to take the late lead and actually win! They'll Be moving on to face the one seed, in what looks like a rout waiting to happen.

2006 Vs 1977- Gradkowski taking on the putrid Bucs of the 70's should be well...interesting. Early on Gradkowski threw a pair of pic six's to go down 14-0 and from there well they were toast. Caddy managed to have a decent game but ultimately Gary Huff was unstoppable. They move on to face the best of Josh Freeman we saw, but the 1977 Bucs could play well.

2011 Vs 1976- Two of the worst seasons in Bucs histories face off in an surprisingly offensive battle. Early on Barth hit a chip shot to take a 3-0 lead, but the '76 Bucs shined in the second quarter, Spurrier had three touchdown passes in the second quarter to go up 20-3 at the half. From there it was pretty quiet. A touchdown for each team. The '76 team won a game!!!! They move on to face the 2000 Bucs squad...yeesh!

2009 Vs 1985- The most competitive game of round one was right here. Early on Wilder was on point, running all over the defense. Ultimately giving the '85 Bucs a 24-13 lead at the half! The 2009 Bucs were not done though! Freeman commanded the offense to march back they were within one point, 24-23! Driving at the end of the game Freeman FUMBLES! game over game over! The '85 Bucs squad will move on to face the 2005 Bucs.

1987 Vs 1983- Enter the most lopsided game of the round.. and the most forgettable. The 1987 offense just couldn't get clicking often giving the 1983 offense great field possession. Nothing memorable here as the '83 Bucs move on to the next round against the 1999 Bucs.

Overall a great slate of games. Sorry to the folks who don't get it, I'm trying to help. And to the folks who understand comment below for your predictions on who will move on this week!

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