Playoff Pick prize just for bragging rights!

The first week of the playoffs is over and people are raving. The wild-card round was one of the best I've seen in recent years basically every game had fans on the edge of their seat. From the beginning to the end it was enjoyable football. Along with playoff football there are picks...That's where I come in. Last week I posted a last minute article to pick the games and a few people commented as we will tally at the end of the postseason to see who wins. Just because you didn't pick the first week doesn't mean you can't this week. So everyone is invited. The standings are as reads...

Bucsfan8328- 3-1

Welcomebackfrank- 2-2

Crackerball- 1-3

jBen05- 1-3

noflyzone- 0-4

This weeks slate of games are even better. With each game seeming to have a great match-up it's never too early to make your picks! Here's mine with a minor preview for each game.

New Orleans @ Seattle. The first game to kick off the divisional round and an amazing one at that. We see the New Orleans Saints lead by Drew Brees and his arm take on the Seahawks. Now I can't say the Saints played amazing the first week of the playoffs, but they showed us they have what it takes. Many writing the Saints off because they are "unable to win on the road" or are too "offensive minded" this week they proved us wrong. Going into Philly one of the most difficult places to play they shut down Philly's high powered offense to play a balanced game and won a road playoff game. On the flip side they are playing the number one seed Seattle. Possibly a favorite over even Denver, Seattle is truly a juggernaut this year. With a ground-pound offense and a top five defense to go with it Seattle looks to be the most balanced team in the playoffs. Will New Orleans be able to shut them down? My guess no. My prediction- 27-23 Seattle.

Indianapolis @ New England. Possibly the best AFC match-up of the week pits the Colts against the Patriots. Not Manning vs Brady but rather Luck vs Brady fans look to this game to provide back and forth action. The Colts may not have had the most consistent season, but they consistently beat playoff teams. Beating the Chiefs twice, Denver Seattle and even San Francisco, so they are obviously no slouch. On the other side we look to Brady. Can he do it without his all-star cast? Can he win one himself? Only time will tell. The Pats are deadly at home in the playoffs, but lately they have not been to stellar. 3-4 in the last seven playoff home games isn't exactly dominant. Look for another extremely close game with a crazy ending. My prediction- 32-24 Colts.

San Francisco @ Carolina. The most anticipated game of the week maybe is a defensive game San Francisco looks to make it to the big game again while Carolina looks to win a playoff game. San Fran is riding high after a close win against the Packers, but they have to turn around and face this versatile Panther team already. The Panthers are more than ready. Many looking for the 49ers to win this game with ease actually I see a closer game. Almost the exact same playing styles will make for an instant classic with the Panthers taking this game in my mind. My prediction 21-20 Panthers.

San Diego @ Denver. Many saying Denver could lose this game due to a stylistic match-up is absurd. The Chargers beat a highly inconsistent Bengals team that seemed often times unfocused now facing the Best offense in the league I cannot see Denver losing this game. It can be close, I'm not saying it will be a rout, it's just not going to be an upset. San Diego it was a nice run but your season will come to a close this weekend. My prediction 52-31 Broncos.

Again comment your picks below in the ultra mega competition!

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