Tampa's 1st & 2nd round options

So since I'm snowed in this morning, that's right in Central AL I'm fricking SNOWED IN!! Haha

I'm gonna post a few routes Tampa could go in the 1st & 2nd rds

Staying put at #7

The prospects available if we stay put are very likely gonna be a couple defensive guys or an OT that falls out of the top 5. If Jake Matthews (Best OT IMO) falls to Tampa or Greg Robinson (Mauler like Fluker last yr) snatch him here, but those are unlikely, so I'm gonna do a breakdown on each guy I feel like Tampa should consider at this spot if they stay put:

Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo - I watched extensive film on Mack and a lot of earlier mocks were projecting him to Tampa because of Tampa's needed pass rush. I was impressed with Mack's range of skills at his position, now his competition wasn't the greatest but that didn't bother me as much after I watched film of his OUTSTANDING game against Ohio State (2 sacks and a pick 6). His explosiveness and power was really impressive for his 245 LB size he got extremely nice push on even larger OL, even beat some guys badly that were 320 and either by blowing around them with 1 PR move or pushing them back to affect the pocket. The only real struggle I saw was with backpedal in coverage and not as rangy in coverage, now he's fast but struggled to cover deep passing rte's in a zone passing situational D but his footwork is there so coaching in that dept would help his game a lot. In Tampa's scheme he would be a good fit and his game reminds me a lot of TSizzle, Terrell Suggs. The only other issue is his attitude and he has been labeled a bit as an unruly guy but he should be ok in the league.

CJ Mosley, Bama, LB - This is sort of an out of the box pick for Tampa's D but I will explain why I think he could fit. I am of the opinion that Mosley grew up like Barron as a huge Bama fan as a kid and his mind was made up early that he would be going to Bama despite the D and whether or not he fit. He was always a smaller MLB in Bama's scheme but last year (his Jr year) when he played outside in nickel and dime it was easily his best position where he was most effective. He is the quintessential OLB in the 4-3 Cover 2, with a nasty tackling technique, great pass rush, ability to cover TEs or WRs. In Tampa's scheme he could blossom along side Lavonte and Mason to become a Derrick Brooks type player, he's that good. He also offers versatility to play deep MLB in coverage in Cover 2 scheme for 4-2-5. His skill set would give Tampa the nastiest group of LBs in the League to play with. He is a team leader that always called playcalls and checks at Bama even more so than Barron did the yr they played together.

Taylor Lewan, Michigan, OT/Cyrus Kouandjio, Bama, OT - It's no secret that Lovie has a track record for beefing up LOS' in the early rounds of the draft in Chicago. Either one of these guys are both athletic monsters but could stand for quite a bit of NFL level coaching to fine tune their game. In CyKo's case I think he is a lot better RT in the NFL than LT, doesn't have the mean streak or quick feet. In Lewan's case he needs foot technique to anchor better and was exposed at times with inside rushers because of it. Both guys are a lot better run blockers than pass rushers IMO. Both would be a bit of a reach though to me, just thought they were worth a mention.

2nd Round if Tampa stays put

Antonio "Tiny" Richardson, Tennessee, OT - If Tampa goes D in the 1st rd you can almost guarantee Lovie will want to nab an OL here. There is some talk that Lewan might slip into the 2nd but a trade would likely be needed to get him earlier than Tampa's pick in the 2nd. Tiny as he is lovingly known around the SEC is an absolute mauler and underrated OT that has the feet and power all day to be a LT. He is one of those guys that I watched dominate on bad Tennessee teams in several blocking schemes under 2 HCs. He is much more power and leaning on DL and getting upfield and taking out a LB in run blocking. His initial power punch on pass rushers is impressive as well and ability to recover with his footwork for a guy as big as he is can scare opponents as well. I would say he compares to a bigger Fluker but he is a little better at this stage and less raw. I really like Tiny I think he has ability and skillset to be a day 1 starter in the NFL and will be a steal for some team in the 2nd since he has 1st rd skills.

Jace Amaro, Texas Tech, TE - One of Tampa's biggest needs heading into this draft is TE and with bringing in an outstanding TEs coach that molded Cameron Jordan for the Browns, but Lovie has to give him some more talent at the position to mold and teach. I like Amaro because of his athleticism and speed also his hands are above average for the TE position and he can read a zone and sit down or make the route reads to get open, something he was often asked to do at TT. He might not be the best blocker but he showed the most important skill with his "want to" in blocking when he was asked. He looks a lot on film to me like Jimmy Graham and would be a steal as well in the 2nd to give Tampa a true threat at the TE position.

Trading Down

This might be the way to go to get a 3rd and if Lovie and Licht are sold on one player.....

Eric Ebron, UNC, TE - At first I wasn't sold on Ebron but after watching a good bit of his film from this yr, I AM SOLD!!! He makes a lot of smaller guys look covert silly trying to tackle him and shows his athleticism after the catch to get YAC. He lined up a lot on the inside of the Z as a slot like Vernon Davis and that's who he reminds me of, he was the most athletic guy on the field a lot of times and shows great technique on deep balls and extremely great pass catcher. Wins most jump balls and chips really well off the LOS. I was very impressed and I really hope Lovie and Licht go this route.

2nd round

Kyle Van Noy, OLB, BYU - Van Noy is a throwback type player who excelled in the 4 man as an edge rusher and run stopper. He hits like an anvil and was a one man wrecking crew for BYU most of his career. He is also a very high IQ LB that excels in dissecting plays and making an impact at his position in any defensive position. Not really a good guy I can think of that he compares to but he is a player.

Dee Ford, Auburn, DE - No one had a better week and game at the Sr Bowl. He would bring much needed pass rush but he leaves a bit to be desired in other skills mainly because of how raw he is. He is extremely explosive, quickest first step for a DL at the Sr Bowl, bends well. Needs a lot of work on dissecting plays and struggles a bit getting swallowed up or lost by over pursuit because after the initial 1st step and move he struggles to find anchor. All his issues though are extremely coachable and he could develop into an impressive DE with time.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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