Mock Draft for the Bucs

Its January but after watching the senior bowl and a lot of college football this is how I feel the Bucs should address their needs via the draft. With the Combine coming up, some players will improve and ruin their stock but for now this is what ive put together based on mock drafts that ive read.

7. Sammy Watkins WR Clemson

If Watkins falls to the 7th pick, its a no brainer. Bucs lack speed and had the 32nd ranked offence last season so it might be more of a fix right now than the pass rush. Bringing Watkins in to play the Slot along side Jackson and Williams would be a great way to learn for the rookie. Tedford preached "speed in space" so why not give him the most dynamic player for Glennon.


38. Chris Borland ILB Wisconsin

Lovie Smith is a linebackers kinda guy and even though Mason Foster hasn't been bad , hes not an ideal MLB. Borland has a high motor and would be great in the middle of the field in pass coverage. He's got the potential to be a steal in the 2nd round a lot like Lavonte David was 2 years ago. Moving Foster to SLB would give the Bucs a speedy and lethal Linebacking crew with David/Borland/Foster.

100. Kareem Martin DE North Carolina

Although I feel the Bucs will address the pass rush in Free Agency, they will still need draft someone that can get to the QB since Bowers doesn't look like he will pan out. Ive seen a few mocks where Martin falls to the 4th or 5th round. Hes got the same build as ex Buccaneer Simeon Rice-6'6 270. He had a very good outing at the Senior Bowl and that m ight see him go higher than the 4th but the fact he only racked up 16 sacks in his 1st 4 seasons prior to his outbreak this season where he racked up 11.5, might have teams passing on him.

131. Kelcy Quarles DT South Carolina

Quarles is another guy that ive seen his draft stock vary from the 3rd-5th rds. With Akeem Spence having an average rookie season and then recently getting into trouble with the law, I can see Lovie bringing in a DT that can get pressure on the QB beside Gerald McCoy. He can push the pocket and will definitly be a good way for the Bucs to rebuild their pass rush.

198. Chris Watt G Notre Dame

Chris had an awful end to a great season suffering an injury during the Stanford game that had him missing out on the Pinstripe Bowl. Watt started on the left side at Guard for the Irish and is known for being a team guy after winning the Nick Pietrosante Award for courage, loyalty, teamwork, dedication. The fact he was unable to play in Pinstripe Bowl might have teams passing on him. Plus it only seemed right that I had the Bucs adding a Notre Dame player.

I can see the Bucs signing guys like Josh McCown, Alex Mack and Jared Allen as they all have ties to the Bucs staff in some ways. All 3 players would be good vetrans to add and McCown would be a good competitor for Glennon. Enjoy!


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