Fixing The Offensive Line

Hello BucNation. It has already been a very active off season for us Buc fans with the dismissal of GM Mark Dominik and the entire coaching staff as well as the hiring of a new coaching staff and new GM. We now move on to the "mock draft" portion of the year. When your team sucks and you have the #7 pick there is little else to discuss. Unfortunately our "Rock Star" has left so many holes in this roster that any of these picks make total sense - TE, WR, QB, LT, OG, DE, LB... So please spare me another "mock draft".

Instead, let's direct our focus to one of the more important but less discussed units of our team - The Offensive Line. What should our off season strategy be to repair this over paid under performing group? Let's stick to a few very basic questions.

Question #1 - Who should be let go?

Question #2 - Who should we go after in free agency?

Question #3 - Who should we draft and with what pick?

My ideal strategy would be:

1) to go after Center Alex Mack from Cleveland.

2) Move Zuttah to RG.

3) Let D. Joseph go and use his money to pay Alex Mack.

4) Draft a Guard in with our 2nd round pick.

5) Keep C. Nicks and hope he can play if not see #4 above.

6) Keep D. Penn for one more season but be looking for his eventual replacement either in draft or via FA.

7) Find another solid Guard in FA to compete with Zuttah at RG and provide better depth than Larson or Meredith.

8) Get rid of G. Carimi, J. Meredith and T. Larson. All replaced by #4, #7, a later draft pick (#4-#7) or FA.

Am I positive that we can lure A. Mack from Cleveland? Of course not. I am only providing a "hopeful" scenario. Also, I am not mentioning specific draft pick's names because I have not spent enough time evaluating the Offensive Lineman who are available in this year's draft but if YOU have please feel free to enlighten us. I am merely looking for discussion on what is YOUR plan to fix our team's worst unit - The Offensive Line...

Go Bucs!!!

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