With the #7 Pick, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select

Best Player Available

Draft boards are going to change weekly from now until draft day comes, but I always feel we should draft "Best Player Available". Luckily (not really lucky but you know what I mean) whatever BPA that is at pick #7, it is a hole that Tampa Bay has to fill. There are four main positions that are considered needs and that is QB, OL, DE, WR.


I would not mind having Teddy Bridgewater as the QB for the Tampa Buccaneers, but I honestly don't see him sliding that far down in the draft ( and I wouldn't give up draft picks because there are too many holes). Also, I'm not a huge Johnny football fan but I don't see him sliding that far in the draft as well so QB personally for me is out of reach for the first pick.


Personally I think this would be a huge pick up with the talent level there is at the position with Jake Mathews and Greg Robinson still sitting there at pick #7. If I read correctly from other scouts/articles Jake Mathews is a better lineman than the lineman in the past 2 drafts!!! One quote I will remember from Lovie Smith is him saying he realized that it all starts in the trenches.


We have been talking about a pass rusher for years and for this system to succeed it will need just that. Some people are comparing the coaches to former pass rushers such as Jared Allen. Regardless if we do get Jared Allen or another older pass rusher we need a player to develop and Anthony Barr/Khalil Mack would be great addition. The great thing about these players especially Barr, is that he would be a linebacker/Pass Rusher (great in coverage as well).


I personally feel if QB is not there and WR Sammy Watkins is here, this is considered the BPA. He would benefit the team in so many ways which I'm about to list. First of all he will be the quick speedy WR the Tedford desires in his system. Secondly, Vincent Jackson isn't getting younger while Mike Williams is coming off injury and is also starting a rap career? (if anyone follows him on twitter you would know). Thirdly, we would have a KR/PR which Lovie explained is going to be a huge part of the teams plans (Devin Hester is old and out of his prime sorry).

We all know how mock drafts go from now until draft day and everything will change in a few months, that's why I'm just listing ideas as far as what I think the team needs are. As you can tell I feel Sammy Watkins would be the biggest pick for the organization for the future (If a GREAT QB doesn't fall into our lap). If that pick did go through I would love to have Trent Murphy from Stanford as the second pick. Please criticize and comment below of what you think!

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