Playoff Pick prize just for bragging rights!

Ah, here we are the Superbowl is upcoming! Finally the moment everyone has been waiting for, that sweet sweet prize at the end of the season. WHat better way to celebrate the playoffs then picks! Everyone has done god awful in our playoff rankings with the exception of a few new players. Technically many people are eliminated but that doesn't take away from the fun. Here is the table!

1t. Bucsfan8328- 5-5

1t. Crackerball- 5-5

1t. Jben05- 5-5

2t. Baalbuster- 4-2

2t. WelcomeBackFrank- 4-6

3. Bow Bow Bowers-3-3

4. Rooktakesyou- 2-0

5. AKbrown- 1-1

6. Noflyzone- 0-4

SUPERBOWL- Seattle vs. Denver. The Game! The Super Bowl is here! Look for Seattles league leading defense to take on Denver's league leading offense in a classic clash of Offense and Defense. Peyton Manning will take the field in probably his last Superbowl ever and he looks to make his mark in greatest players ever. On the flip side Seattle looks to start an era, looking to be building an extremely scary teams for years to come. In this clash of styles the Broncos high flying offense will look to continue their postseason success in New York to win the big one. Peyton has been playing amazing recently, but the whole team is playing excellent ball. The running game is there, and an overachieving defense to go with it, this Denver team has found their stride at just the right time. After the playoffs started the Broncos looked less one dimensional, the whole team worked together. Rather than having the offense merely outscore the other team. The defense has been actually limiting their opponents offenses, allowing the Offense to be less pressured. It helps an offense out when they know they can rely on their defense to make a few stops and force a few turnovers. Besides that Peyton has looked like more of a game manager lately. Sure he can be that gun slinger who scores bombs, but Peyton is the type of quarterback who nickels and dimes you with a mix of plays driving down the field and taking time off the clock. Will he be able to do that against Seattle's amazing Defense? He's going to need to be able to. The key to beating this Seahawks team is going to be to keep their defense on the field. Drive the ball long and far. Force them to get tired, and force the offense to grow cold.

On the flip side Seattle is going to need to pressure Manning. Get in his grill, bump the receivers, make Manning paranoid in the pocket. If Seattle lets Manning sit back in the pocket and just play catch with his receiver's you can consider this game done, but if Seattle can do what they do best, get pressure expect this game to be extremely competitive. Their linebackers are going to have to step up in coverage again, just like last week. One thing that Seattle needs to address is do not sleep on Denver's run game. Especially if it is going to be cold. If the game is snowy and windy look for Denver to take to the ground, they are not afraid to run it with Ball, an Moreno. If Seattles defense plays like they have been it all lies on the shoulder's of the offense. I feel their offense is a little overrated, only having two main threats, but it works. Possibly the most consistent back in the game drives the ball with a mobile quarterback to go with him. This offense is hard to stop. They can be inconsistent at times but the defense truly makes up for it. The offense is hared to stop once they get going though. Just look at the fourth quarter of the NFC Championship game. Sure they only scored ten points, but that was only on three possessions, and on one they still drove the ball to San Fran's one yard line. This shows that if Wilson is confidence then he can truly kill a team. If Seattles offense and defense play well they are well on their way to their first Championship.

After all of this analyzing who do I think will win? Truly this is a tough game to pick. One of the most anticipated Superbowls in my recent memory. I know defense wins championships, but I'm picking against that saying in this game. Peyton just too motivated, too much experience too many weapons, look for a lower scoring game than many expect. I say 23-17 Denver.

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