Ideal Tampa Off-season

As the off-season rolls around many look forward to their teams free agency and draft selections, hoping that their team makes that last piece to the puzzle fit and can make a playoff run. Well Tampa has a few more pieces to the puzzle left to put into place. Believe it or not Tampa Bay isn't that far away from the playoffs. Solving their most troubling issue, the coaching staff they made an all-star hire in Lovie Smith, and his surrounding cast is superb. With the coaching out of the way what else does Tampa need?


Many say a new quarterback, analyst's saying to take a early quarterback in the first round, but do they really need it? Sure Mike Glennon did very average in his first season, but it could have been a lot worse. Glennon a late pick wasn't expected to take many important snaps this season was thrust into a starting job under a terrible coaching staff on a team that started 0-8. Sure he only won four games, but was it all his fault? Doug was injured so was James, along with a revolving receiving core, and an inconsistent defense not too much blame should be piled on Glennon's plate. That being said we should still try to get a nice veteran backup that can step up if Glennon doesn't perform up to par. Josh McCown or Michael Vick would be a perfect one year deal to sit behind Glennon, teach him some things ore even step up halfway through the season as a trusty starter.

I would say to grab a nice tight-end before the draft, but let's face it any player worth grabbing is probably going to sign an extension with their current team. Any other interesting tight-end has had some sort of gruesome injury that makes you want to stay away.

Adressing the Bucs d-line is important. Lacking an edge rush from Clayborn and Bowers, Tampa need's alot of help in the defensive end field. Luckily their is a decnt amount of talented players available this year. Look for Tampa Bay to pursue a star DE, Jared Allen is first on the wish list, as he would be an amazing addition to our already stellar defense, but Tampa could also pursue Anthony Spencer, or even Viking teammate of Jared Allen Brian Robison. Any of these talented defenders would be a key addition to the team and instantly add a new dimension to the defense.

One More corner is all our secondary needs. The corners often were a soft spot on the team, as the position just lacks depth for Tampa. They shouldn't grab a corner in the draft but rather grab a free agent. Plenty of talent to go around this year on the defensive side of the ball. A vet like Charles Tillman would be a nice addition as he could continue to help grow Barron and Banks but also looking a bit younger Brent Grimes could be a solid pick up this off-season for Tampa.


Lets say all of those free agent signings do happen hypothetically, then this is how our draft Should go.

1st-Greg Robinson a nice addition to our inconsistent o-line

2nd-Austin Seferian-Jenkins a second good tight end to go with Wright.

4th-Ryan Groy another good addition to the line

5th- Christian Kirksey add some LB depth

7th-Tevin Reese a explosive threat Tampa could use.

Obviously my draft is questionable, but it fills the needs of this team. Now this is just my season outlook so tell me what your's would be below!

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