Playoff Pick prize just for bragging rights!

The divisional round of the playoffs has officially come to a close, and with a slate of exciting game came a slate of close picks. Playoff picks that is. Hard to predict games this week we saw no upsets this week as many hoped for. Lets take a look at the standings!

1. Bucsfan8328- 5-3

2. Cracker Ball- 4-4

3. WelcomeBackFrank- 3-5

4. Jben05- 3-5

5. Bow Bow Bowers- 2-2

6. Baalbuster- 2-2

7. Noflyzone- 0-4

After a look at the standings lets check out the upcoming games this week in the NFL Championship round...boy I can just taste the Super Bowl snacks its so close. This weeks games offer the rivalries. Brady vs. Manning, San Fran vs. Seattle this week looks to be intriguing. So lets check out some previews!

San Francisco @ Seattle. Kaep vs Wilson, defenses will look to collide in this smashmouth NFC West match-up. Already splitting the season series the 49ers look to take two in a row, while WIlson looks to reach his first Superbowl. With equivalent styles look for this game to be AMAZING. Already having a close nail-biter week 14 look for Seattle to want revenge, but look for San Fran to be experienced on such a big stage already been here three seasons in a row. Now with a ton of momentum they will enter the game fired up by always on edge Coach Harbaugh. In Seattle Kaepernick looked like a deer in the headlights with all the noise, maybe playing there once it will have helped, I doubt it. Just basically look for this to be a war in the trenches, if Seattle can find some other weapons the can easily take this game, and on the other side if Kaepernick can play like we know he can it couyld easily be a 49ers win. I look for a low scoring game as Kaepernick will eat up the game on the ground with Gore and company, while Seattle will have trouble finding multiple offensive weapons, if Harvin isn't there who will be open. San Fran showed they can shut down multi threat Quarter Backs right now as they easily rattled game in Carolina. My Prediction - 23-21 San Francisco just too strong.

New England @ Denver. The game everyone wants, possibly the last match-up between Brady and Manning ever, let alone the playoffs and with such big effects on their legacies. On one side Brady looks to notch Manning again, heading to yet another Super Bowl, but looking to win his first since 2004 to prove he's still great. On the flip side Manning is still hunting for that second ring, and what better way to get there than beat your rival Tom Brady. The stars have aligned in one of Manning's last deep playoff pushes can he advance? Manning has the all-star cast, a star receiving core, a decent truffle of running backs, and a over achieving defense as of late to go with everything else the Broncos look unbeatable. In walks Bill and Brady, always seeming to be so clutch, never seeming to be out of a game Brady has manhandled Manning in his career. Opening as an underdog look for Brady to continue to be a game manager against this Denver team. The Chargers showed it works, run the ball pass a few times and drive the ball. If you keep the Broncos offense on the sidelines you win. Time of possession will be key. Can the Broncos defense hold up on the long Patriot drives, and vice versa can the Pats hold up in the thin air of Mile high? Only time will tell. My prediction- 28-24 Patriots.

Again comment below for your picks! I will tally again.!!!! Just a thanks to everyone who participated!

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