What It Means to be a Bucs Fan.

In history some teams have no great seasons, some have plenty and some are in the middle, Tampa Bay is on the lower end of the spectrum and I as a Bucs fan can accept that. Being a Bucsfan is something different than winning, it's being part of the experience. As a high-schooler from New York I can count how many Bucsfans I know on my one hand. Four, I know four Bucsfans, and unlike every other kid I did not choose my team because of their Uniform, or how good they were when I was little, rather than picked them randomly as a shot in the dark when I was three. If i could go back, I wouldn't. I always get the remarks, "you're a Bucsfan? Why?" Here's why.

Not every team has to be a glamorous choice, for me I randomly choose the Bucs and I stuck with them. The Bucs have been through thick and thin since I've been a fan, mostly thin. Instead of abandoning them like any other young kid now a days would do I choose to stay true to my team. From Alstott to Cadillac to Martin I've been there. I know others much older would say they've been true since '76 and I respect that greatly. That's why I'm proud to be a Bucs fan. Our fans. They didn't choose the Bucs because they beat every team or make the playoffs every year, but rather because of area or mere luck of being a bucsfan. Now Bucsfans may not think they're lucky, but they are.

It's sometimes quality not quantity. In the NFL they don't care how much each fan loves the team rather how many fans like the team. For the Bucs we have a meager fan base, very small, but very passionate. Besides Cleveland Fans I think Tampa fans can say they've stuck it out forever. Almost every year we wait for greatness only to have a mediocre result, but every year the die hards return similar to Cleveland, no matter how dismal it may seem we will always love our team. Being on this site I continue to see more and more true Bucsfans, People who love the Bucs as much as I or even more or less just makes me happy. This team has been a big part of my childhood and growing up, from watching games to going to the Raymond James Stadium to getting a Signed Alstott jersey. I have truly grown up with this team, from when I was young to now memories surround me from this team and only more are to come.

The History... Some teams are always great, for the Bucs it's kindof reversed but the Fans don't mind. It adds to our history. From 1976 when Tampa went 0-14 to the late 1970's when we looked promising, to the spotty 1980's, to the dark days of the 1990's, and then the up and down 2000's we look back to a storied past. From the awful moments to the glorious ones you never know what you are going to get as a Bucs fan, everything is a mystery. That only makes the future ever more interesting.

This moment. This part of the Bucs ever changing history is going to be an interesting one. Will Lovie and gang bring back the dominance of the early 2000's or will the Bucs stay in limbo of mediocrity. No one knows but I have a feeling that this team is on the cusp of greatness. With experienced coaches and a talented team ready to win the Buc's look ready to rise up. I'm excited are you?

The players. Great players have walked through the doors of one buc place in history. From Lee Roy Selmon all the way to Doug Martin Tampa Bay has had mostly class acts. Fan favorites like Hardy Nickerson, Mike Alstott, And Brooks stay close to the team like fans, because they are fans. The team is hard not to love. I have a soft spot for this team, no matter what they do. I wear my shirts proud no matter how bad things look.

FOR ME. This article was in no means meant to be a generalization of all Bucs fans but rather my opinion. My stories or reasons that the Bucs are an amazing team. No matter what they keep fighting and will always be a major part of my childhood. Moments like the Super Bowl to the dark years and now the Lovie Smith era is about to begin, I can only look to the future for future great memories. This team will always be my favorite. Bucs fans just are bucs fans, they don't need a reason. Wear the Logo proud! Stand up Fans and voice why you are a true BUCS fan for life!!!!

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