Where The Bucs Are In My Power Rankings

The season is basically among us. Every year there is discussion of the pre-season power-rankings, example, teams too low, teams too high, etc. Well I will try to make mine perfect. Nearly impossible to meet every fans standard but I will try.

32. Oakland Raiders. To be honest I cannot see Oakland doing anything this year. No talent basically on the whole team, Mcfadden is injury prone, Pryor has never started a game, and the defense isn't special making the looks for this team to have the number one draft pick next year.

31. New York Jets. Another basement team the Jets seem to be doomed from the start. With a three-ring circus as usual with Rex Ryan, and a quarterback carousel thats just sad it seems the Jets are doomed. Defense is their best part of the team, but the defense isn't top tier, which is showing something.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags get a key piece of their offense back this year in MJD with a serious Lisfranc Fracture in his foot a injury thats going to be hard to come back from. The Jags have bad quarterbacks, not that great of a receiving core, and a below average defense will result in a losing season.

29. Tennessee Titans. Tennessee is another team (sigh) with a boring defense, not many notable weapons on offense, and a shaky CJ2K no one knows what the outcome will be from their season, but my guess is not very good.

28. Buffalo Bills. Slowly making our way out of the basement teams Buffalo is young everywhere, the coaches, the players everyone, expect mediocrity this year.

27. Cleveland Browns. Another team clawing their way up to .500 land the Browns have a young balanced offense and a good defense to go with it look for improvement from Cleveland this season.

26. San Diego Chargers. The Chargers are headed the other way, with Rivers playing for an extension this used to be playoff bid will have trouble in the AFC west. Heck they'll have trouble with everyone expect rebuilding soon.

25. Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals house one of the best receivers in the NFL since the 2000's Larry Fitzgerald. Fitz has been used all wrong though lately as his golden years are when Kurt Warner was passing to him, lately has been the dark ages for Larry as his quarterbacks have been sub-par. Can Carson Palmer improve Fitzgerald's numbers?

24. Carolina Panthers. A team that never seems to click the Panthers have talent, but not as a whole. With individuals such as Luke Kuechly, and Cam Newton the Panthers are nothing to snooze on, but without talent as a whole look for them to sputter through the season.

23. Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are ranked higher on my board than other teams, that being because I'm a believer Chip Kelly will use that offense correctly and put on some real fireworks throughout the season.

22. Kansas City Chiefs. I have the Chiefs low on my rankings because we saw Alex Smith look electric last season, but what team was he on? The 49ers and extremely well off team with alot of surrounding talent. He posted a few good seasons in a row, but it seems a little to much like Matt Cassel again.

21. Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins are a hard team to rank. Losing an asset like Reggie Bush. but gaining Lamar, and others with a now experienced Ryan Tannerhill with Wallace to throw to the Dolphins added some fire power to good old Miami, but will it be enough to crawl to a winning record?

20. Detroit Lions. The Lions are always a back and forth team, with a better running back this year with Calvin Johnson, and Stafford the Lions could have the best offense this season, but issues with consistency, and defense lead me to place them low on the list.

19. Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers seem to be declining every season they play. In an increasingly better AFC Souh the old Steelers will have trouble mounting any playoff momentum.

18. St.Louis Rams. The Rams are always around that mediocre record, 7-9, 8-8, 9-7, but can never get over the hump to double digit wins. Maybe this years the year with the addition of Tavon Austin a true play-maker could uplift the offense.

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Thats right your very own Bucs set down in the average levels around the middle of the pack. Like I've said the Bucs look unstoppable on paper, but will the inconsistency stop? will Freeman get it together? and will the offense have as an explosive year as last year. If all of these things come together expect a playoff push from Tampa.

16. Dallas Cowboys. If you think of it the Cowboys are sort of like the Bucs. An amazing team head to toe, but never lives up to the hype, with all the blame scraped off unfairly onto Romo. Middle of the pack this year.

15. Minnesota Vikings. Being one dimensional will not help you in the NFL, a dominant rushing attack is slated to be the best this year, but if the running game doesn't get off in a game what do they have to fall back on? Ponder? Too many question marks to consider Minnesota elite.

14. New York Giants. The Giants didn't have the greatest preseason and with injuries to key offensive players the Giants are a big question mark in an always competitive division look for the Giants to push for the wildcard.

13. New Orleans. Explosive as ever, and hungry the Saints will be looking to push for a wildcard spot after such a disappointing season last year without Sean Payton.

12. Washington Redskins. The Redskins are hard to rank like other teams. Will RGIII be as productive as last year? Can the offensive line protect him? Will inexperience hurt the 'Skins? All of these questions must be answered. So for now they will be 12th.

11. Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens have seen the cream of the crop leave their team after securing a Super Bowl win. The Ravens identity has changed not going to be as dominant as last season. Still a heavy playoff contender look for the Ravens to prove some "haters" wrong.

10. Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are another young gun team. With a new offensive coordinator look for more tight-end passes and expect a big year from Coby Fleener and T.Y. Hilton. If Luck can repeat like his last season expect another wildcard year for the Colts.

9. Chicago Bears. The Bears are high on this list for one reason, Balance. With a decent offense and a good defense to go with it expect Forte to carry the Bears to a great season. In a tough division anything can happen but expect good things from the new looked Bears.

8. Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals look to improve again this season. With the great duo of A.J. Green, and Andy Dalton the Bengals are prime in a contender spot, but can Dalton do better against above par teams? only time will tell.

7. New England. The Pats as depleted as they are will find a way, Tom and Bill will find a way to make the no name offense explosive and ride them to the playoffs in a weak division anyway.

6. Houston Texans. The Texans may be one of the most balanced teams in the NFL. With a great receiver in Andre Johnson, a good quarterback in Schaub, and one of the best backs in Arian Foster. With possibly the best defensive player in the NFL the Texans are great on all aspects of their games.

5. Green Bay Packers. The Packers are possibly the best passing attack team in the league, but like Minnesota being one dimensional isn't ideal in the NFL. Having a average defense the Packers have to establish a run game more to truly be a dominant force again.

4. Atlanta Falcons. I have Atlanta lower than usual on my list, no not because I'm a Bucs fan, it's because they didn't really address one of their glaring problems. Defense the offense is set, they would've been fine without Steven Jackson, but no major additions to defense makes me wonder can the D hold up.

3. Denver Broncos. A one sided team, loaded on offense when I say loaded i mean it, look for the offense to put up huge records. Defense is the pressure point of the team, without Dumervil, and Miller look for the Broncos to let up a lot of points.

2. Seattle Seahawks. A great team all around, starting with Wilson and Lynch down to Sherman the team is stacked in a stacked division.

1. San Francisco 49ers. As much as I think the 49ers are over-hyped they are the best team in the NFL right now, but anything can happen.

Tell me who I got wrong!

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