We just lost to Arizona and I couldn't be happier, Schiano is the problem

Don't flame me just yet. I love my team and that's why I'm glad we lost and in such a spectacular fashion.

Had we won it would have given folks the impression that Schiano was brilliant and that Josh was the problem all along.

Pull back all the noise and look at what has really been happening. Josh hasn't been dropping passes, he hasn't been committing the fouls, he hasn't been calling the plays. To heap this all on him was so wrong and I blame it all on Schiano. He has made no secret that Josh wasn't HIS quarterback and not HIS pick. He's also an obvious control freak who has to have his fingers in every aspect of the game. This isn't college. These aren't boys.

Did the rest of the team start to feel negative about Josh? Probably, but why? In a team dynamic when the leader decides he doesn't like someone, regardless of how everyone else feels, that negative feeling starts to take hold. No one wants to go against the leader, the guy who decides if you play. After time it becomes easier for the rest of the team to start to go along. In the end it probably made Josh feel like a red headed stepchild just waiting for a beating.

Schiano's plan failed spectacularly. He has been slowly pushing Josh out and with the 3 game loss and prevailing winds he probably thought this was the time to make his move. Bench Josh and put in Glennon against a team that is arguably one of the worst right now, especially with their injuries. If, as we should have, we win the game then Schiano looks brilliant and it was Josh all along. Well Greg, that backfired, didn't it?

Glennon had one good play and the rest of the game was typical. Our defense - who is playing great - held the Cardinals and gave the offense many chances to score and just lost steam at the end. Yes, the offense 'appeared' better. Passes were being caught, third down conversions, etc. but how much of that had to do with Glennon or the rest of the team doing what they should have been doing all along - catch the ball, run the ball, etc. If it weren't for the Tampa interceptions Arizona would have had this game in the bag much sooner.

Josh wants to be released and I don't blame him and the sooner he does it the sooner he'll join the ranks of Trent Dilfer and Steve Young. Tampa QB's we ran out of town who went on to win Super Bowl rings; Steve Young as the MVP in his.

I'm a huge Bucs fan and have been since their first game but I'm so glad they lost this game and how they did. Schiano is the problem and this just made it obvious.

Good luck Josh

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