My Thoughts on the Quarterback Change

Jeff Zelevansky

First & foremost, I am a Buccaneers fan and I will always support the moves best suited to achieve success for my beloved and often frustrating franchise. As fans, we will obviously disagree or agree with each other and those in charge of the Bucs as to what those moves should be.

Sometimes something as simple, yet not all that easy, as a quarterback change can make all the difference... Something that team from the other bay area would know all about, they made it to the Super Bowl with their number two guy. However, in most cases, that is not the end result. Most quarterback changes are made out of desperation, as a wake up call of sorts. Maybe Greg thinks this is his best motivation ploy to get the team to play to it’s best abilities, and that is very plausible. I just don't see it that way. I see the change as a scapegoating of Josh to help divert the attention away from Greg's and his coaching staff's shortcomings.

"Shortcomings?" you say. Yes, shortcomings. Whether you would like to admit it or not, our coaching staff, despite it’s volume, is easily one of the worst in the league... Especially on the offensive side of the ball. I recommend you read our very own Sander Philipse’s article or the one from SI or the one from Steve White or Pewter Report's take. Each one paints a disturbing picture if you are expecting success from someone else behind center. I think a quote from the SI article puts it the best, "Essentially, the offense is set up to kill its own drives."

Why I Support the Change

I attended NC State during both Russell Wilson's and Mike Glennon’s time there. I watched every home game in person and watched most away games. Mike Glennon will never be confused for Wilson, but he has his positive traits. For one, he is more consistent with his mid to short range accuracy than Josh ever was and he has a similar "clutch gene" as Skip Bayless would like to say. He is a quiet and reserved guy, so you won't ever hear anything from him as far as off-field transgressions go.

Another reason I support the change is that we really do need to see what we have in Glennon. Josh did not improve his play from last year to this one. Sure, things have not gone Josh's way as far as drops and penalties, but his decision making and accuracy have not improved from last year, neither has his ability to go through his progressions or his ability to manage the pocket. A franchise guy will demand a franchise contract, and Josh’s play does not warrant a $13+ million contract. We'd be better off finding a capable tight end with that money saved or another pass rusher or... You get the idea.

Why I Don't Support the Change

This team is built to win now (Even though I don't think our coaching staff is capable of doing so). I'm sure a good number of you may disagree, but Josh gives us a better chance to win THIS year than Mike does. Very rarely do third round rookies excel, and those odds decrease even more considering the circumstances our rookie QB has found himself in (i.e. an offensive scheme "that appears to be ages behind the current NFL.").

I would love for Mike Glennon to excel and thrive here, but I don't see a guy who struggles with decision making and managing pressure (sound familiar?) coming in and setting the NFL on fire with his play. RG3, Kaepernick and Wilson all had schemes that catered towards their strengths. Our scheme doesn't do that. In fact, it may even make your weaknesses more pronounced. And the leptosomatic quarterback doesn't have the ability to break the pocket as the previously mentioned quarterbacks do when things get sloppy.

Our offense is deep ball oriented, and unfortunately Josh has Glennon beat with arm strength and accuracy on those deep balls. That isn't something you can learn, either you have it or you don't. Though Glennon at least has above average arm strength, just not near the level of Josh's. Another thing going against Mike is his familiarity or lack thereof with his starting wide receivers and how this scheme amplifies that issue. It should take at least a few weeks for them to really get a rhythm with each other and the season may well be over by that point.

What the Future Holds

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, the crystal ball shows a new head coach managing the Buccaneers sooner than later. The guys we currently have in place have not shown the knowledge of the X's and O's that you would expect to see from an NFL coaching staff, and that's disregarding all the other indiscretions that have occurred under Greg's watch. I would have loved to have seen him work out, but he is currently a lame duck coach looking for anything to save his job and that includes throwing his quarterback and general manager under the bus.

Josh may or may not find himself on a team with a knowledgeable coaching staff like San Francisco's and that may or may not find him success, but either way Greg did not do his best to put Josh's talents to good use. The same way he did with several other former Buccaneers like Legarrette Blount and Aquib Talib. Good coaches are able to get the best out of perceived problem players. Josh's most obvious hamartia may hay have been his inability to stand up to his head coach whereas Gerald McCoy had no issues in doing so when the coach was trying to hamstring him.

The jury is still out on Glennon. His issues are fixable, but unless he had some miraculous turn around from the preseason, I'd expect to see much of the same as what I saw at Carter-Finley Stadium. I'd like to think he will eventually be a good quarterback one day, unfavorably for us, that day will most likely come sometime after this season.

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