We need new headship. Freeman/players are not the problem.....

I have been a Buccs fan my whole life and I have learned to be patient. Being a Buccs and Alabama fan teaches patience. But watching this Buccs team with so many great individual performances from Foster, Barron, Claiborne, McCoy, David, Revis, Martin, Jackson, M. Williams, the entire O-line, and more....I'm realizing that these guys are succeeding despite their scheme and coaching staff. There is so many teams that wish they had that kind of performance from so many players. Thus it can only be the coaches and scheme that is keeping this team from having success.

Prime examples of this:

1) every single team in the NFL audibles to quick hitches or slant routes when facing an obvious all-out blitz, except the Buccs. Instead we still run four vertical routes and hope we can hold the blitz long enough to get someone open 10, 15, or 30 yards down the field. Also this is the reason Freeman has a low completion %. When you only throw it deep......there's not a lot of completions.

2) misuse of defensive players. Last week Dashon Goldson was embarrassed by Jimmy Graham all game long in man-to-man coverage. Anyone who knows about Goldson knows that man coverage is his weakest link. Meanwhile Barron has played great in man coverage, but never got a chance against Graham. Then there's Revis who should've been on Colston all game long and was instead spending a lot of the game covering a rookie WR. I'm ok with Revis playing zone coverage occasionally, but not using him correctly when you are playing "man" is unacceptable.

3) Josh Freeman.... Freeman has his struggles for sure, but I largely blame this on his coaching from the beginning. The Raheem/Olsen compilation saw tons of 3 yard routes on 3rd and 9. And completely stupid calls until they were way behind and went to their 2-minute offense. (Thus all the 4th qtr comebacks when Raheem was here) This Schiano/Sullivan combo has been able to be more aggressive, but to the point where it's a fault. They don't help Freeman out at all by running combination routes where he has short and long options nearly enough and they don't call unpredictable plays very often. 1st down is predominantly a running down and that also hurts Martin because the box is stacked. And because the box is stacked they just run it for 1 yard instead of changing to a pass know, like every other team in the NFL would. I'm sick of feeling like we're the stupidest team in the NFL. Since Gruden left (which I supported firing him) we have been the stupidest team in football.

The Freeman argument has raged on into this season too, but how many of us thought Alex Smith was a savable QB before Jim Harbaugh showed up in San Francisco?? Smith is very similar to Freeman in stature and physical ability. Amazingly though Freeman has WAY more physical/arm talent than Smith does. Freeman has one of the strongest arms in the NFL, and can make every single throw that you ask him to do. He's been undermined by his coach since Schiano got into Tampa. If you take away all the BS that Schiano has caused for Freeman the last couple years he may be right back where he left off last year against the Falcons.

Sadly, this kind of stuff usually ends in a housecleaning of a team. I don't care if that happens, to an extent. If Freeman gets let go he will go somewhere and realize his potential under a decent coach. Schiano needs to go. He's run this team like a jerky high school coach who plays favorites and is unwilling to change things to fit his players. My biggest fear is that this will cost us one of the best GMs in professional sports.

SAVE Mark Dominic! Mr Dominic has built a very good team the last few years. And his recipe for success works. Since Mark has been in Tampa we have:

Drafted= Mason Foster, Doug Martin, Lavonte David, Jonathan Banks, Gerald McCoy, Mark Barron, Josh Freeman, Daquan Bowers, Adrian Clayborn, Akeen Spence, Ahmad Black and more

Signed= Dashon Goldson, Darelle Revis (to a no-risk contract), Vincent Jackson, Carl Nicks, and more....

The bad draft picks, Naj'e Goode, Keith Tandy and more were players who Schiano either coached or coaches against when in college. None of those players were NFL caliber at all.

The final message is clear, Schiano and his coaching staff are the problem, fire them and keep Mark Dominic.

SAVE Mark Dominc TAMPA FANS!!! We can't afford to go back to tons of busted draft picks and washed up free agent signings like we had under Gruden for years.

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