DLT's Deadlocks - NFL Week 3 Picks Super Quick Style!

Stephen Dunn

He's late...but just in the nick of time.

Hey folks...

It's been a rough week for yours truly, down with a nasty chest cold. It's the reason we had no podcast this week and why I'm so late with the picks segment this week. My apologies!

Normally I'd take a lot of time crowing about my amazing 14-2 week...but  hey, I only have a few minutes left so no witty (or nonsensical banter, quips or what not) - just the meat and potatoes:

Last Week's Picks: 14-2 88%          Upset Specials: 2-0 100%

Season:  24-10    71%                    Upset Specials: 2-2 50%

Thursday Night

Chiefs 27, Eagles 24 - Andy gets his revenge.


Upset Special #1: Bengals 23, Packers 17 - I really love that Bengals D.

Cowboys 23, Rams 16 - Cowboys get a much needed win.

Titans 26, Chargers 23 - I like the Flaming Thumbtacks on their home turf

Vikings 26, Browns 10 - Vikes will show Cleveland why having a good back is important.

Upset Special #2: Buccaneers 20, Patriots 13 - Pats aren't as good as 2-0, Bucs aren't as bad as 0-2.

Saints 30, Cardinals 13 - Saints finally get their offense on track.

Lions 34, Redskins 20 - Used to be I'd never pick Detroit on the road...but the Skins D is abysmal.

Giants 23, Panthers 16 - The Giants haven't looked good but I can't see them going 0-3. The Panthers? Yeah, I can see that.

Texans 27, Ravens 16 - Another tough one for the Champs.

Falcons 23, Dolphins 17 - The Dolphins are improved but the Falcons have to keep pace in the NFC South

Jets 20, Bills 13 - J-E-T-S are home home home.

49ers 27, Colts 16 - Colts made the deal of the year but it's not going to matter in San Fran.

Seahawks 70, Jaguars 2 - Yes, the Jags are THAT bad.

Sunday Night

Bears 20, Steelers 10 - 0-3 for a Mike Tomlin coached team? Say it ain't so!

Monday Night

Broncos 45, Raiders 12 - Another MNF game I won't be watching.

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