Why 0-2 is no big deal.

Well it's official... We have the same record as the Jaguars.

But, I'm surprisingly optimistic. And here's why:

Both of our losses were from a combination of dumb penalties, bad clock management and lack of faith in our quarterback. All of these are 100% fixable one way or another.

I'm thinking Dashon Goldson, Adrian Clayborn and Ahmad Black will play slightly more under control with those wallets a little thinner, I know I would. The only play that shouldn't have been a penalty, in my opinion was the sack/fumble play by Clayborn. Say they don't make that call, and it's a different ball game. Otherwise, the safeties are crushing any receiver coming over the middle, which was expected coming in to the season with the acquisition of Goldson. But the only problem is, we can't make a play without penalties being called. They have to adjust to a changing game, which I have no doubt they will.

Now, onto the coaching staff... I have faith that Schiano will eventually figure out how to run out the clock properly through simple trial and error. So far, it's been all error. To be fair, he only has 18 games under his belt so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. I don't know who was making the play call at the end of the saints game last week, whether it was Schiano or Sullivan the conservative play calling needs to stop. That final drive it seemed Vincent Jackson was open every play. What did we do? Pound the ball to Doug Martin against a full box. How he got any yards at all is beyond me. Why didn't we try play action at least once? Beyond me.

Lastly, Josh Freeman. What a roller coaster it has been for him this year. Some say that Schiano is conspiring to run him out of Tampa, others say he's running himself out. And of course, the media is blowing everything way out of proportion so we don't know what to believe. Anyways, we've all seen good Josh and bad Josh. He's inconsistent. I don't think our lack of offense this year is solely on him. It also has to due with injuries. Davin Joseph took a game to get back to his old self, Carl Nicks might play in the first game this year on Sunday, and Erik Lorig got his first playing time this Sunday. With Lorig back our running game definitely improved. Also, the play of his wide receivers have been subpar. They've had quite a few drops. Yes, these are all reasons I believe Josh Freeman can pull it together. And with reports that this has been the best week of Offense in practice this year, Buccaneers fans have reasons to be optimistic. But, if he doesn't pull it together and we go 0-3 even 0-4 then it's bye bye Josh. Possibly bye bye season. And, hello Mike Glennon.

By the way, this is my first fanpost I've ever written. Long time reader, longer time fan. Tell me what you guys think.... But don't be too mean.

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