NFL Picks Week 3: Can the Buccaneers get their first win?

Maddie Meyer

Who will win in week three? My NFL picks for the upcoming games.

Chiefs vs. Eagles

The Kansas City Chiefs have been surprisingly good so far. Andy Reid has some talent to work with and he's getting solid production out of Alex Smith. Still, the Chip Kelly offense is explosive and their defense has some talent. This one's close but in Philadelphia I'm choosing the Eagles.

Texans vs. Ravens

Two teams that seem to be declining. I don't know what to make of the Ravens defense, who got smoked by the Broncos but then shut down the Browns. The Texans aren't playing up to their standards from last year and Matt Schaub seems to be struggling. I'm going with the Ravens.

Giants vs. Panthers

Both teams look like a piping hot mess right now, but the Panthers actually have a pretty good defense. That could put them over the top at home. Panthers.

Lions vs. Redskins

What is up with the Redskins? Their defense is a mess, Robert Griffin III doesn't look like he dares put any stress on his knee and the offense is going nowhere. Has to be Lions.

Chargers vs. Titans

Two resurgent teams. Both have good defenses, but I think Philip Rivers is significantly better than Jake Locker. Chargers.

Cardinals vs. Saints

The Saints offense is struggling, and the Cardinals have a ton of talent on defense. Their offense doesn't look too horrible, either, though pass protection is a concern - as always. Cardinals.

Buccaneers vs. Patriots

I want to pick the Bucs, but I just can't do. They have a shot to win this game with their defense, but the offense just hasn't managed to move the ball at all. Low-scoring affair, but I see the Patriots winning.

Packers vs. Bengals

Aaron Rodgers is a boss. Packers.

Rams vs. Cowboys

Sam Bradford isn't going to get anything against Monte Kiffin's defense and the Rams defense can be exploited. Cowboys

Browns vs. Vikings

The Browns just traded away their best offensive weapon, even though their offense was already awful. Vikings.

Falcons vs. Dolphins

As much as the Falcons have suffered from injuries the past two weeks, the Dolphins just aren't good enough. Falcons.

Bills vs. Jets

That Jets defense is good, but that offense isn't. And the Bills have some weapons, although EJ Manuel has been a bit up and down. Bills.

Colts vs. 49ers

Can the 49ers climb out of their  hole? They just haven't played good football this year. Colts.

Jaguars vs. Seahawks

Hahahaahahhhaha Seahawks.

Bears vs. Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger is really not looking good. This team feels like it's ready to implode. Bears.

Raiders vs. Broncos

Ehm, yeah, Broncos.

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