Buccaneers vs. Jets Snap Counts: Luke Stocker played every offensive snap.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

What can the snap counts from the game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Jets tell us?

Seven players played every single snap on offense on Sunday. Four of the five offensive linemen, Josh Freeman, Vincent Jackson and Luke Stocker. You see, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers like to have their tight ends on the field. They like to have them on the field a lot. Unfortunately, they have neglected to actually invest in the tight end position, and they refuse to target them in the passing game.

The result, unsurprisingly, was a two-yard, one-catch effort on behalf of the tight ends on Sunday. That's inexcusably bad, and it starts not with the tight ends themselves, nor with Josh Freeman, nor even with the coaching staff. It starts with Mark Dominik and Greg Schiano, who have failed miserably to provide adequate depth at the position. Sure, Tom Crabtree is injured -- but when your on-the-cheap free agent tight end is the difference between good production and two yards of offense, you have issues.

All of this wouldn't be so bad, if the Bucs had managed to actually create a functional running game against the New York Jets. Of course, they did no such thing. Sure, Carl Nicks is injured and Davin Joseph is returning from injury. Yes, the Jets have a good defensive line. But when you want to run the ball as a foundation of your offense, you have to do better than 2.7 yards per carry. And you have to get better blocking out of your tight ends, too.

Other than that observation, I don't have much to add on this subject. Tim Wright played two snaps and was listed as a receiver, after making the switch to being an undersized tight end earlier this offseason. I don't know if that means anything. Kevin Ogletree managed a whopping 34 snaps, over half of all offensive plays, and still managed to do nothing. Darrelle Revis didn't make it through a full game, and it looks like the defensive line is going to rotate a little more than they did last year. Here's the full list.

Player Position Offense % Defense % Special Teams %
L Stocker TE 61 100% 8 26%
G Carimi T 61 100% 3 10%
D Dotson T 61 100% 3 10%
D Joseph G 61 100% 3 10%
D Penn T 61 100% 3 10%
V Jackson WR 61 100% 1 3%
J Freeman QB 61 100%
J Zuttah C 60 98%
M Williams WR 58 95%
D Martin RB 56 92% 1 3%
K Ogletree WR 34 56% 6 19%
N Byham TE 24 39% 4 13%
B Leonard RB 9 15% 22 71%
T Wright WR 2 3% 9 29%
T Larsen G 1 2% 3 10%
D Goldson FS 75 100% 13 42%
L David LB 75 100% 12 39%
M Barron SS 75 100% 9 29%
L Johnson CB 70 93% 13 42%
M Foster LB 63 84% 5 16%
A Clayborn DE 62 83% 6 19%
G McCoy DT 62 83% 6 19%
J Banks DB 54 72% 11 35%
D Revis CB 53 71% 6 19%
D Te'o-Nesheim DE 53 71% 5 16%
A Spence DT 42 56% 4 13%
D Landri DT 24 32% 1 3%
D Watson LB 20 27% 27 87%
A Black FS 20 27% 14 45%
D Bowers DE 20 27% 1 3%
T Scott DE 15 20% 7 23%
J Casillas LB 14 19% 22 71%
M Adams CB 14 19% 18 58%
G Gibson DT 14 19% 1 3%
A Hayward LB 22 71%
M Koenen P 15 48%
R Shepard WR 13 42%
E Page WR 12 39%
K Tandy FS 10 32%
A Economos LS 10 32%
S Means DE 5 16%
R Lindell K 3 10%
J Meredith T 3 10%

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