Things I'm Thinking As the Bucs Head Into the 2013 Regular Season

1) Preseason wins-losses and stats like yards and carries and whatnot are relatively unimportant: a lot of those stats are tallied by guys who won't make the final cuts. What IS important is how well the team looks on the field executing even the most basic of plays... and the Bucs this preseason looked confused, messy, out of place.

This is not a good sign.

2) It could be argued that the team wasn't playing its best players even for the first few drives due to injury concerns: for example, we never saw one bit of CB Revis, who is supposed to lock down one side of the passing game for us. The problem with THAT is that the guys we sat out may be rusty as hell coming out on Week One, not a good way to start off a season.

3) That said, thank GOD the first team we're playing is the Jets: the most dysfunctional team of 2013.

4) The cheerleaders at the fourth preseason game were better organized and trained than the guys on the field.

Cuter, too. There's this one Asian girl... *wolf whistle*

My brother's got seats in the 100s. Sue me.

5) Mike Glennon did not look or play like a Third Round QB pick. Or a Fifth Round QB pick for that matter. I can't recall an incoming rookie QB having as bad a preseason as Glennon had. Maybe Gradowski his rookie year... that's about it.

6) Thank GOD Akeem Spence was still there in the Fourth Round. Otherwise I'd be REALLY pissed about this past April. May yet turn into the steal of the draft.

7) With the loss of TE Crabtree for even a few weeks due to that injury he got last night, the failure to draft a Tight End this April is looking to be more damaging than the failure to draft any Offensive Linemen over the last 3-4 years.

8) That offensive line may be the reason Josh Freeman will have a bad season. Especially if Freeman thinks he can stand in the pocket to make his throws. ROLL OUTS, BABY, IT'S THE ONLY WAY. THERE IS NO POCKET.

9) Wanna know how big a star RGIII is already? When Griffin walked out of the tunnel after halftime and circled around the field, everyone including Bucs fans got up and took pictures of him with their smartphones. I saw one girl with her iPad doing it.

And RGIII came over and signed something for someone - an old lady in the front seat, I think? - before making his way back to the visitors' bench. Class.

10) I predicted the season would go 10-6, maybe 9-7, I can't recall, there was a thing where we listed predictions a month ago and I lost track. Either way, I was being optimistic. At this point I'm seeing a 7-9 season as most likely. If we get to 10-6 it'll be to both dumb luck AND either the Saints or Panthers collapsing worse than we will.

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