Most Memorable Bucs Games Of The 2000's

There is always those games, those games no die hard fan will forget anytime soon, whether its a win or a loss it was still a tremendous game and forever will remain in your mind. Lets break down some of these games for the Bucs over the last 13 years. (not in any particular order)

December 18th, 2000. One of the Greatest Monday Night games of all time. Tampa Bay hosted the St.Louis Rams who just had won the Super Bowl the previous season after defeating Tampa in the NFC Championship game. Tampa was looking to secure at least a wild card spot in the NFC. Heading into the 4th quarter up 31-21 Tampa was looking to grind out the amazing Rams offense, but that wasn't the case. With 5:20 left in the 4th Kurt Warner connected with Torry Holt for a seventy-two yard touchdown to take a four point lead. The Bucs starting on their own twenty with no timeouts seemed doomed. With one amazing play were Warrick Dunn was surrendering fourteen yards, until he pitched to King who scrambled for twenty nine yards eventually winning the game.

January 19th 2003. The sweetest victory of the season, besides the Super Bowl was this NFC Championship game. The Eagles were heavy favorites going into the game, beating Tampa four times in a row, two in the playoffs and playing their last game in Veterans Stadium. It seemed like the Eagles just had the Bucs number. After the Eagles marched down the field and scored on their first drive it seemed like the predictions were right and fate was repeating itself, but it wasn't Tampa went into the half up 17-10, up 20-10 late in the fourth with the Eagles driving it seemed a comeback was possible, until our own Ronde Barber picked off McNabb on our eight yard line and brought it back to the house to take a commanding lead clinching Tampa Bays Super Bowl berth.

January 26th 2003. The most obvious on the list so we all know what happened.

October 6th 2003. A game we don't want to remember, but can't erase the nightmares. Tony Dungys first game against his old team he helped build. An one sided half Tampa found themselves up 35-14 with five minutes left in the fourth quarter. The Bucs then just laid down for Peyton and the Colts allowing a twenty one point comeback to tie the game. NFL Top 10 listed it as the third best comeback in history as in Overtime the Colts ended the Comeback to win the game 38-35. A truly great game.

December 24th 2005. A Christmas eve game for the Bucs against NFC South rival with Tampa and the Falcons still having playoff hopes they were pitted against each other. Trailing by a touchdown late in the game Carnell Williams scored a six yard touchdown to force overtime. Tampa Bay fumbled on the kickoff of overtime and fans hopes were crushed as Atlanta lined up for a twenty yard field goal, but plot twist! it was blocked. With hopes renewed fans were running to their seats. Then it happened to us Matt Bryant missed a chip shot to as the two teams traded punts it looked like a tie was possible. With fifteen seconds left in overtime Bryant redeemed himself and hit a forty yard field goal to win the game and better their playoff chances.

October 22nd 2006. Tampa facing same old rival Philly, Tampa bismal season had very little upside. The Eagles favorites to defeat the Bucs. Tampa blew a seventeen point lead and were trailing by two and on the Eagles forty two yard line with four seconds left, no one saw this coming next. Matt Bryant lined up for a sixty two yard field goal.. and he nailed it to win the game leaving fans in shock.

December 27th 2009. Facing the dominating Saints in a terrible rebuilding season for the Bucs Tampa had to face the eventual Super Bowl champs in their dome. Tampa getting handled going into the fourth quarter down 17-3 a rookie by the Name of Josh Freeman drove us to overtime at the end of regulation to eventually take the game. The Birth of Joshy.

I know I missed some but tell me your favorite moments Below!

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