Tour de AFC East

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Examining the AFC opponents for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This article was inspired by a round table article of NFC South bloggers. I am very Buc-centric and not as informed on other teams, especially teams not in our division outside from the usual highlights. One of my friends is a huge Dolphins fan and what better way to know the teams that we will face in the AFC East than to ask a fan from the AFC East. Granted, there is bias and always will be, but at least there will be some insight to be had. I asked a total of eight questions. Without further adieu, our “Tour de AFC East” through the eyes of a Dolphins’ fan.

1. What is the greatest strength on offense?

Dolphins: A QB to WR connection of Tannehill to Wallace.

Jets: (My friend could not come up with anything for the Jets.)

Patriots: Offensive Line

Bills: The running game of C.J. Spiller

2. What is the weakest for the offense?

Dolphins: The left side of the line.

Jets: Passing offense.

Patriots: Uncertainty of personnel such as TE Gronkowski, WR Amendola, and who will pick up the slack with the loss of TE Hernandez.

Bills: Who is the quarterback and pass blocking.

3. What is the strength on defense?

Dolphins: Red Zone defense and run defense.

Jets: Secondary.

Patriots: Pass rush.

Bills: Run defense.

4. What is a weakness in defense?

Dolphins: Secondary.

Jets: Run defense.

Patriots: Secondary.

Bills: Secondary.

5. What is the best case scenario to win the division?

Dolphins: Improve on pass defense and beat the Patriots.

Jets: Quarterback play.

Patriots: Gronk is healthy, Amendola pans out and an improved secondary.

Bills: QB EJ Manuel excels, improved secondary, and improved pass blocking.

6. What is the worst case scenario to be at the bottom of the division?

Dolphins: Any injury to the offensive line and WR Wallace.

Jets: CB Cromartie gets injured.

Patriots: No receivers and the offensive line goes down.

Bills: CJ Spiller gets injured and their quarterback situation resembles that of Arizona’s last year.

7. Name one player in your division that could hurt you the most. (Remember, this is through the eyes of a Dolphins’ fan.)

Dolphins: QB Brady.

Jets: QB Brady.

Patriots: Any deep threat WR such as Dolphins’ Wallace, Bills’ Johnson, or Jets’ Hill.

Buffalo: QB Brady.

8. Name one player in your division that you want on your team to help improve it.

Dolphins: LT Solder.

Jets: QB Brady.

Patriots: CB Cromartie.

Buffalo: QB Brady.











z - New England




















NY Jets




















So from my interview here is what I can deduce outside from charts (yes, I know I am relying on information outside from excel numbers and charts).

How to beat the Dolphins on Monday, November 11, 2013 (MNF):

First, take away their best offensive weapon in WR Wallace with CB Revis. Then make sure we can take advantage of their secondary with VJax and Williams. Lastly, the Bucs needs to score touchdowns because I am afraid of whoever will be placekicking considering the Dolphins have a very good Red Zone defense, according to a Dolphin fan.

How to beat the Patriots on Sunday, September 22, 2013:

Limit Brady’s effectiveness. I liken this to limiting Brees because you really cannot stop them completely. During the playoffs, once CB Talib went down to injury, the Pats’ secondary became easy pickings for Flacco and the Ravens’ offense. Attacking that secondary will definitely be important for the Bucs.

How to beat the Jets on Sunday, September 8, 2013 (first game of the season):

Run, run, run. The Jets have a very good secondary, but fortunately the Bucs have a very good running back as a way around that secondary. For offense, the Jets are similar to the Bucs as in we do not know what to expect. And yet, we know the Jets do not score all that often as they have 108 less points scored than the Bucs.

How to beat Buffalo on Sunday, December 8, 2013.

Stop RB CJ Spiller from running amok and put the pressure on the QB’s to perform. With the Bucs having the #1 run defense, facing Buffalo is a good test for our run defense. The Bills had the second worst rushing defense, only ahead of New Orleans. Except, we could not defeat the Saints in two attempts; not scoring at all in one game.

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