Buccaneers Training Camp: Josh Freeman dominates, Mike James as second running back

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Everything there is to know about today's Tampa Bay Buccaneers' training camp practice. Injuries, position battles and other notes.

Injury updates

  • Adrian Clayborn was riding a stationary bike, per Roy Cummings, which likely means his injury won't keep him out for more than a few weeks, at the most.
  • Gary Gibson returned to practice. He went down on the first scrimmage play of training camp last week.
  • CB Danny Gorrer, DE Adrian Clayborn, DE Ernest Owusu, WR Tiquan Underwood, FB Erik Lorig and TE Luke Stocker were all on stationary bikes, per Rick Brown, while TE Zach Miller was working on his strength on a separate field. Myron Lewis was out with a hamstring injury yesterday, and Brown didn't see him on the field today.
  • Stocker now has had training camp injuries in each of his three seasons, while Myron Lewis has suffered through the same. It's unfortunate, but it's a major part of why they've been disappointing so far in their careers.
  • Davin Joseph, Carl Nicks and Darrelle Revis were all on the field during walkthroughs, per JoeBucsFan.
  • Jamon Meredith came off the field limping at the end of practice, says Eric Dellaratta. Usually cramps, but it might be more serious.

Position Battles

Practice notes

  • There were a few former Buccaneers at practice. The Bucs' twitter feed noted the presence of Horace Copeland, Tony Mayberry, Rob Taylor, Anthony Becht, Mark Robinson, Tyji Armstrong, Steve Young (not the QB), Ray Snell, Greg Roberts, Dave Green and Mark Cotney among many others.
  • JoeBucsFan thought Josh Freeman looked very sharp in practice, and that he has improved steadily over the past three practices. As practice went on, JoeBucsFan and others couldn't stop gushing about the quarterback's performance and even the words "Brees-like" were used at some point.
  • Gerald McCoy was dominating 11-on-11s, according to Eric Dellaratta. Not surprising.
  • Mike Williams had a poor practice, according to Eric Dellaratta, Rick Brown and JoeBucsFan. Williams isn't the most natural hands catcher and has always had some issues with drops, despite being outstanding in jump ball battles.
  • Steven Means flashed a little, per JoeBucsFan. He has a ton of athletic potential, but wasn't very well-developed in college.
  • Matthew Sardo of Sports Talk Florida gives us some footage of a Mike Glennon INT. That's Keith Tandy with the INT after the pass went off what looks like Zach Miller's hands:

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