Bring The Noise!

As a BUCS fan that didn't grow up in Florida, I never got familiar with a lot of the traditions of the team during the "golden age" of fandom. I missed out on the true fanatics of the team; the people that frequented the games win/lose(mostly) or draw. The 70s/80s seemed like the time to be a BUCS fan. Packed stadiums.Real Home Field advantage.Merchandise EVERYWHERE. I hate that I wasn't around to enjoy that kind of atmosphere in Tampa. The thing that I do remember from the 80s as a football fan was that a lot of teams had an anthem/fight song.

Visiting a Steelers bar in Orlando(yes, they're EVERYWHERE!), I heard the Steelers anthem, 'Here We Go Steelers' after every score. I can't lie..I was a bit envious. That corny ass song lasted damn near forever it seemed. I know the BUCS had a hideous fight song as well, but I'm not sure if it's stood the test of time with all the losing seasons associated with the team.

Well, today's a new day in BUCCANEER fandom. On paper, this team has talent at every position. This team also has proven winners on the coaching staff. The management seems to be in the right place. This almost feels like a BUCCANEER Renaissance! With that being said, the BUCS need a new anthem/fight song, dammit!!

If the BUCS were to have a fight song for the season, or maybe even weekly, what would it be? Past or present....What song(s) would fit as theme/anthem/fight song for OUR Tampa Bay Buccaneers? What songs would apply for individual players??

On my list:


'Calm Like A Bomb'--Rage Against The Machine

'For Those About To Rock, We Salute You'(fans anthem)--AC/DC

'Time'(Schiano's theme)--Pink Floyd

'Young Gitfed and Black'(instrumental)--Big Daddy Kane

'The Big Payback'(next game vs the Saints)--James Brown

'Hit Em'(instrumental)Goldson/Barron/David anthem)--Three Six Mafia

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