The 2013 Buccaneer Season Record Prediction Contest Extravaganza – Prize for the Winner

Kevin C. Cox

Fellow Bucs -

It is definitely just about that time of year again. The first Buccaneer preseason game is two and a half weeks away and it is time to pre-pick the results of all the games for the season. Do your best to factor in who will shine, who will fail, who may get hurt, who will not get hurt, which teams will roll and which teams will…be like the Jags. The member who ends up with the best record at the end of the season wins the prize!

Follow each step listed in the rules carefully

The rules are easy:

1) You must select either Win, Loss, or Tie for every Preseason and Season game on the schedule

2) Preseason games will serve only as a tie breaker if there is a tie at the end of the season

3) You must select the final NFC South standings (not records, just standing) - this will serve as a second tie breaker in the instance of an additional tie

4) All picks must be in prior to the start of the first Preseason game against the Ravens on August 8 at 7:30 Eastern Time Zone

5) You may amend your picks up until the start of the first preseason game BUT must disclose in your post that you are doing so; no maybes, no references to changing...only a definite signed off change of pick that you denote as a definite change

6) In the event of a tie in regular season picks, the prize will be given to the contender who predicted the better preseason. If the contenders remain tied after the preseason picks, then the prize will be given to the contender who had the more accurate final NFC South standings. If a tie still exists, I will defer to the contender who has the more accurate Home Schedule picks.

7) If for some strange unforeseen reason a tie still exists between multiple parties, I will either split the prize or add on to the prize so that the winners may lay claim to their booty.

The prize:

The winner of this contest extravaganza will become the proud and boastful owner of THREE Josh Freeman Rookie Cards. Nothing crazy, but definitely worth $20-$30.

The first rookie card is a 2009 Donruss Next Generation

The second rookie card is a 2009 Topps Finest green refractor an

The third rookie card is an 2009 Upper Deck Sweet Swatches with a jersey (worn by Freeman at a photo shoot) insert in the card

Disclaimer: Neither Bucs Nation nor Sander is responsible for dealing out the prize to the winner. The Big Sombrero is solely responsible for mailing the winner their prize at the conclusion of the regular season.


1) Aug 08 7:30 PM ET Ravens

2) Aug 16 8:00 PM ET at Patriots

3) Aug 24 7:30 PM ET at Dolphins

4) Aug 29 7:30 PM ET Redskins


1) Sep 08 1:00 PM ET at Jets

2) Sep 15 4:05 PM ET Saints

3) Sep 22 1:00 PM ET at Patriots

4) Sep 29 1:00 PM ET Cardinals

5) Bye Week

6 Oct 13 1:00 PM ET Eagles

7) Oct 20 1:00 PM ET at Falcons

8) Oct 24 8:25 PM ET Panthers

9) Nov 03 4:05 PM ET at Seahawks

10) Nov 11 8:40 PM ET Dolphins

11) Nov 17 1:00 PM ET Falcons

12) Nov 24 1:00 PM ET at Lions

13) Dec 01 1:00 PM ET at Panthers

14) Dec 08 1:00 PM ET Bills

15) Dec 15 1:00 PM ET 49ers

16) Dec 22 1:00 PM ET at Rams

17) Dec 29 1:00 PM ET at Saints

Best of luck my fellow Buccaneers!

Content provided by a member of Bucs Nation and does not necessarily reflect the view or opinions of Bucs Nation.

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