The Awards Show Is in ....and the winner is?

The Results of the almost greatest contest in Sports Blogging

We have a winner in the The Semi-Non Official Bucs Nation Draft Predictor Champion for 2013.

Great participation this year, we had 81 entries in this years contest after just 34 last year. But as we all know their can be only one winner for such a semi-prestigious title and long title, but before I tell you who needs to buy a stencil set(you might need two actually) and have some engraving done I’ll recap of a few questions.

First 89% of us correctly predicted that Dustin Hopkins would not be drafted before round 5, kudos for us. However, embarrassingly, on the 50-50 questions (11-20) we only managed better than 50% success rates on two of them. Despite 5 questions directly about Bucs draft strategy the great brain quorum here at Bucs Nation didn’t break 50% more often than not proving once again: WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT DOM’s THINKING. We did get two questions right though:

74% of Us KNEW Dom was drafting a QB this year…..judging by the reaction we just didn’t know which QB

56% of us knew that Tampa would not be dialing a wide receiver in the first round of this draft

After that we got clueless none of the other questions on Buc strategy cracked 33%.

Also Amazingly on question 6, only 1 in 81 of us got it correct. How many offensive lineman will be selected in Round 1? Only Mee Loopa got it correct with 10 or more. I suspect Mee Loopa is actually Jerry Jones, I mean how else explain drafting Travis Fredrick in round 1, maybe they traded down for value and to attempt to steal our most Semi-Prestigious title here on Bucs Nation?

Ok, enough of that ……without further ado your 2013 Semi Non-Official Bucs Nation Draft Predictor is:

TJ BucsFan

--In truth it was never even close, TJ BucsFan went wire to wire. He was like a pitcher working on a no-hitter in baseball, he didn’t want to talk about. That or he just found my postings annoying. I brought it up with him on day 1 he didn’t answer. I brought it up day 2…no response. In the early part of day 3 I posted results..he said nothing. Then when Tampa bay traded up in Round 6, TJ starts screaming for us to draft a lineman (would have scored), I asked if he wanted to win the contest and he replies of course. We’ll congrats TJ BucsFan because you are the Semi-Non Official Bucs Nation Predictor for 2013 with a winning score of 20 points.

The Rest of the Top 10

2. Bucs Fan – Believe it or not ALMOST repeated as champ finished with 17 points but no points for second place.

3. vbucs85 – Lost the tie break to Bucs Fan but had 17 points as well, he kept playing to the whistle after guessing tight end for Tampa’s first pick (had it been he’s the winner) but like us diving at the Giants winner with the game decided , just remember all your effort was for not.

4. BucLife – Finished in 4th with 16 points all by himself at least in Tampa last season when we finished 4th we were actually tied for second too; BucLife couldn’t manage that.

5(t) Collino – I was about to talk about how being my assistant GM for the TFT Mock Draft here on SB Nation helped Collino finish well, but based on how I performed, I might have cost him this competition.

5(t) xBladen – I don’t see him post much and have no idea how he finished tied for 5th with 14 points, but his name does start with an x and …well I can’t think of anything to say here.

5(t) Stuckbuckintx – Even in Texas apparently they know Tampa needed more corners than just Revis (a question 40% of Bucs Nation got right)

5(t) WestCoastBucs – Knew about our team need at CB, but didn’t know Lane Johnson was going before pick 8?

9(t) Heur, IE Angel, MjBucs75, winstonpark – The first three don’t post much , but winstonpark has their backs posting every 5 seconds if the question is remotely related to Tyler Bray. BTW Winston, Tyler Bray is now free to QB your local Semi-Pro team. J All four finished with 13.

The Not Top 10

(Regular Loud Mou???, wait I mean contributors here or guys who were in the draft thread often)

21st Sander Phillipse – 11 Points, apparently he was “TOO BUSY” prepping all the articles for the draft to put in the homework and be a serious predictor. Do your homework next year, you are the Senior Editor at Bucs Nation, seriously how do you look yourself in the mirror after an effort like this, Schiano would call this level of effort , Not a Buccaneer Man.

21st BSHAW 27 – 11 points, that’s a long way down from last years 6th place isn’t it?

28th Deroa – 10 points, .500 will not get it done in this organization anymore Deroa , we have Revis now and expect better.

28th jdrama914 – 10 points, from 5th to 28th should have renamed yourself to jdrama 911

40th dcbucsfan – 9 points, couldn’t even manage to correctly put in 20 entries answering only 18 questions, maybe it was strategy?

40th akbrown15 – 9 points, performed as highly as his opinion of Doms 2013 draft.

40th RookTakesYou – 9 points, juris-doctorate does not include draft strategy

48th CrackerBall – 8 points, this is a totally understandable score and good effort sir it would take a wise man to finish with 8.

48th DraftPhantom – Say WHAT? I finished under the 18 question answering dcbucfan, in a TIE below the Mendoza line ….as soon as I’m done typing this I’m going back to the drawing board. This is even more humiliating when you consider I ask the questions, right a draft guide, and called Steve Means and Mike James out of the deck. Lame DP Lame, Next year I may let the dog make my picks by selecting A-E

57th witty, jben05, bamabuc, LarryLowLife – 7 points, thank you all for working so hard to finish beneath me, I didn’t make it easy for any of you and I appreciate that sort of dedication to flubbing that many picks

The Bruce Allen Razzi Award

This prestigious dishonor is awarded in the name of the man who managed to prove beyond the shadow of all doubt that no one in the NFL was more clueless about the draft than he was. A man who engineered the dismantling of the franchise from a SuperBowl winner into a league laughing stock with a roster devoid of serious talent, a man who:

Could deliver more busts than a sculptors apprentice

Told us WR Dexter Jackson from Appalachian State was “the best player available”

Is allowed by Mike Shanahan to sit in the Redskins Draft war room but is not allowed to speak except to ask “Do you take cream or sugar with that?”

Conducted a 2008 draft from which we have zero players 5 years later

This years award winner(s): Anthony60 and BucWilder. One of you must call yourself Bruce the other Allen but with 3 points you guys have EARNED This award.

Content provided by a member of Bucs Nation and does not necessarily reflect the view or opinions of Bucs Nation.

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