DP's Top 11 for the Second Round Countdown

11 Buc Picks to Go 11 “Buc Men Options”

Alright so we have pick 43, 10 teams will draft before us leaving 11 players if we run our board from 1-11. Consider this our first round let’s have some fun and I break down the top 11 players potentially available to Tampa (and that fit our scheme)

For those who may not have read my draft guide; when you see performance rating it’s the players ability not adjusted for injury, off-field character, position value, or age. This is why the overall is slightly different after adjustments are added and we are projecting them out three years. I have a longer explanation in the guide but basically:

10- Good Starter, Impact Player

9 – Average Starter

8 – Below Average Starter

1. Zach Ertz TE Stanford [Chance we get him, 1%] [Performance rating 10.0, 33rd overall player]

Ertz has flexibility to be a Y TE for Tampa, he won’t stretch the deep middle but is a superlative route runner. I’ve mentioned it before but to see his quality route running watch him own Desmond Trufant when Stanford shifted into a power bone (3 Backs, 2 TE’s) and Trufant tried to play him one on one. Ertz has limited reps as a starter at Stanford but doesn’t bring wear and tear either. He’s an above average blocker. Bottom line HE IS THE LAST BETTER THAN AVERAGE TE IN THIS DRAFT. Problem is if you read my “Day 2 Mock Draft” almost everyone above us can or does want him to some degree (San Francisco, Philadelphia, NY Jets, Buffalo, Oakland).

2. Johnthan Banks CB Mississippi St [Chance we get him, 3%] [Performance rating: 9.5, Overall 31st player]

Banks has been high on the Bucs coaching staff’s list for some time, Tampa wanted him precombine allegedly more than Xavier Rhodes. Banks is long and has quality tape against SEC competition. At 6’2” with a freaky wingspan he’d be our longest cornerback. Problem for us, Jacksonville is looking strongly at him for 33, the Tennessee Titans would also be a strong possibility.

3. Manti Te’o MLB Notre Dame [Chance we get him 7%] [Performance rating 10.25, Overall 21st player]

Yeah I know this one is controversial and Manti is likely to be disappointed thinking he was going to Chicago, Minnesota, or Baltimore. No late first round pick has gotten this much bad press, after a football season, ever. This is not to knock Mason Foster, but he does not do what Schiano wants a MLB to do looking at how he employed them at Rutgers. Schiano wants a mike who can blitz the A gap and play the middle depth zone coverage; Te’o recorded 5 sacks as a junior and seven interceptions last season. Te’o is also a defensive QB who Schiano spent more than two hours with, we may get a chance to find out if Schiano liked what he heard. Also a multi-time team captain for those who track it.I wouldn’t “move up” for Manti Te’o like I would if I got the opportunity at either of the first two but for a scheme fit and being perhaps the best player available I might not pass.

4. Arthur Brown ILB-OLB Kansas [Chance we get him 20%][Performance rating 10.4, 15th Overall Player]

Brown has unique speed and playmaking ability but he’s also vastly undersized. This will come down to whether or not Schiano thinks Brown can play Mike linebacker, again its no knock on Foster simply an evaluation that for Schiano’s scheme Foster is a better fit on the strong side linebacker. This would be a really good fit.

5. Jesse Williams DT Alabama [Chance we get him 15%] [ Performance rating 9.2, 54th overall player]

Not really an impact player for us in terms of pass rush but a really nice run stuffer in the middle with very good intangibles. I can’t imagine we are as high on Landi as we are advertising, Williams has a bunch of suitors behind us so the potential for someone to trade in front of us is high.

6. Kwann Short DT Purdue [Chance we get him 20%] [Performance Rating 9.9, 25th Overall Player]

Really IDEAL scheme fit as a 1 technique nose tackle in a 43. Short plays with a low center of gravity and brings just enough penetration to make quality plays in the backfield. Short has the motor that runs hot and cold however so I’m not sure Schiano rolls the dice even with the great set of athletics perfectly matching your scheme.

7. Margus Hunt DE/DT SMU [ Chance we get him 10%] [ Performance Rating 10.55, 20th Overall Player]

Not sure where we would play Hunt other than as a backup at both DE’s and McCoy’s backup. That and on special teams…this is the rare example of a guy who can get enough snaps, in total, to be a virtual starter simply by being on the field so often. Our depth at all 3 positions, or lack there of, is really scary so this could be a great value pick for Tampa.

8. Tank Carradine DE Florida St. [Chance we get him 5%] [Performance Rating 10.6, 30th overall player]

Injury history is the real fear here, but this guy actually is a better choice than any pass rusher who went in the top 15 if he’s healthy. Productive with 11 sacks last season before tearing his ACL and with excellent size / acceleration profile. Likely to be available given the injury history but also likely to start the season on the Physically Unable to Perform list and that KILLS his value.

9. Jamar Taylor CB Boise St. [Chance we get him 15%] [ Performance Rating 8.96, 78th overall player]

Clearly fills a need for Tampa and I know many people will have Taylor rated much higher than I do in my guide. He runs very fast in shorts and is among the better run supporting cornerbacks in this draft. I just don’t hand out a lot of points as a run supporter on the corner and his vulnerability to play action scares me quite a bit. Additionally, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and the Titans all may take him first.

10. Johnathan Hankins DT Ohio St. [Chance we get him 4%] [Performance rating 9.3, 40th overall player]

A bit of a tweener in terms of overall play shows some technique for a 3 , some for a 5 and maybe able to be coached to be a 1 technique tackle for the Bucs. He has some fans above us as well but should be available unless he goes to Oakland 1 pick ahead of us.

11. Menelik Watson OT Florida St. [Chance we get him 1%] [Player Rating 10.15, 32nd overall player]

If Mark Dominik is ever going to break his “ I don’t draft offensive lineman rule”, this might be the time. Almost NO shot he gets to us however Detroit or Arizona are both unlikely to pass. I call Watson the backyard brawler, its how he plays and if both teams crap the bed…he might be the man.

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