NFL Draft Predictions Contest!

Alex Livesey

A chance to show off your draft smarts in an all for fun , tongue in cheek battle to be the The Semi-Non Official Bucs Nation Draft Predictor Champion for 2013

That’s right, the championship in the game of draft prediction is up for grabs again here on Bucs Nation. What do you get as the winner? Do you get a trophy? NO! Do you get a title belt? NO! Do you get a cash prize? HECK NO! All of that stuff is for football fans who need to be reminded with a visual representation. This is a contest where you can win not just a title, but the MOST PRESTIGOUS TITLE IN SPORTS BLOGGING:

The Semi-Non Official Bucs Nation Draft Predictor Champion for 2013

Just look at the length of that title. I mean you put that bad boy under your name on your desk and your fellow co-workers should simply bow down in awe to you as if you were Kim Jong Un on free sticky rice and beer day in North Korea.

Last year's Champion, BucFan, even mentioned to me that he took his title to the nearest Starbucks; that title, plus the 10 dollars he brought with him, got him a grande mocha latte and a scone. He’s been signing autographs all year long, every time his mortgage payment or utility bill comes up they always ask for the signature of the Semi Non-Official Buc Nation Draft Predictor Champion of 2012. His whopping 34 points last season were easily enough to best the rest of the top 10 who finished in the order that follows(but failed to be the winner and thus don’t deserve their own line of text, neh they must share a line in this posting):

2. Brooklyn Buc(30), 3(t). DC BucFan (29) , 3(t)Cracker Ball, 5 jdrama914(28), 6. BSHAW27 (27), 7(t). Jben05(26), 7(t) Sander(26), 9. Draft Phantom (25) , 10. RookTakesYou (24)

But, be careful while reaching for the stars, you may finish in last place. If you earn the dubious distinction of a last place finish, we have a title for you as well: The Bruce Allen I Can’t get any round right dishonorable mention (that and its an award to give you something to do on day 3, avoid last place).

How does the contest work: (Just like the SAT), 20 questions. Some multiple choice, some true/false, and some over or under. Answers with longer odds receive more points as do questions specifically about the Bucs.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Now that Tampa has traded for Darrelle Revis, what position will be taken first by Tampa Bay this season?

A. Defensive Back (4 Points)

B. Defensive Lineman (2 Points)

C. Tight End (3 Points)

D. Offensive Lineman (4 Points)

E. Other. (5 Points)

2. One of the most controversial players in this year's draft is "The Honey Badger" Tyrann Mathieu. In what round will Tyrann Mathieu be picked?

A. 1st Round Baby Badger to the House (5 Points)

B. Round 2 (2 Points)

C. Round 3 (1 Point)

D. Round 4 (2 Points)

E. Round 5-7 (2 Points)

F. Undrafted (4 Points)

3. Are you a believer in Geno Smith, Matt Barkley or maybe Ryan Nassib to Buffalo? Whichever way you break it down ……you have to be curious about: How many Quarterbacks will be selected in Round 1?

A. None (4 Points)

B. One (2 Points)

C. Two (2 Points)

D. Three (3 Points)

E. More than 3 (5 Points)

4. As Witty is fond of saying: the Bucs need cornerbacks and more cornerbacks, but perhaps Revis is enough. However our pick in round 2 may end up being dicey. The prime-time, starter-ready cornerbacks in this draft are generally agreed to be: Dee Millner, Xavier Rhodes, Jamar Taylor, Desmond Trufant, DJ Hayden, Blidi Wreh-Wilson, and Johnthan Banks. By what pick range will all those choices be exhausted?

A. All go in round 1 (7 Points)

B. Pick 33-37 (5 Points)

C. Pick 39-42 (4 Points )

D. Pick 43-47 (3 Points)

E. Pick 48-51 (2 Points)

F. Pick 52 or later (1 Point)

5. Who will be the first safety, not named Kenny Vaccaro, to be selected?

A. John Cyprien S FIU (2 Points)

B. Matt Elam S Florida (2 Points)

C. Eric Reid S LSU (2 Points)

D. D.J. Swearinger S South Carolina (2 Points)

E. Other (3 Points)

6. How many offensive linemen will be selected in Round 1?

A. Five or fewer (5 Points)

B. Six (4 Points)

C. Seven (3 Points)

D. Eight (3 Points)

E. Nine (4 Points)

F. Ten or more (5 Points)

7. How many quarterbacks will be drafted in all 7 rounds of the NFL draft?

A. 10 or less (4 Points)

B. 11 (3 Points)

C. 12 (2 Points)

D. 13 (2 Points)

E. 14 or more (3 Points)

8. How many running backs will be selected in the first three rounds of the NFL draft?

A. Two or less (4 Points)

B. Three or Four (3 Points)

C. Five or Six (2 Points)

D. Seven or Eight (3 Points)

E. Nine or More (4 Points)

9. Mr. Irrelevant Pick No 254 will play?

A. Offense (1 Point)

B. Defense (1 Point)

C. Punter or Place Kicker (1 Point)

10. Which of these non-FBS (and likely Day 3) players will be chosen first(Correct answer worth 1 point)?

A. Ryan Jenson G Colorado St. –Pueblo

B. Luke Marquardt OT Azusa Pacific

C. Jasper Collins WR Mount Union

D. Kyle Juszcyk FB Harvard

E. Mike Catapano DE Princeton

Yes or No Questions

11. Competition for Freeman or Orlovsky, will Tampa select a QB at any point during the draft?

A. Yes (1 Point)

B. No (1 Point)

12. Will Tampa Bay Select a WR in the first 5 rounds of the Draft?

A. No (1 Point)

B. Yes (2 Points)

13. Will DJ Hayden be drafted before Xavier Rhodes?

A. Yes (1 Point)

B. No (1 Point)

14. Mark Dominik has not selected an offensive lineman since 2009. Will he break that tradition this year and select an offensive lineman at any point in this draft?

A – Yes (2 Points)

B – No (1 Point)

15. Will Tampa Bay select a tight end at some point in rounds 1-4?

A. – Yes (1 Point)

B. – No (1 Point)

Before or After

Will the Player listed be selected before(higher than) or after (lower than) the overall pick number listed?

16. Tank Carradine DE FSU, Before or After 32.5 (Asks if he gets picked before or after Round 1)

A. Before (1 Point)

B. After (1 Point)

17. Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma, Before or After 7.5

A. Before (1 Point)

B. After (1 Point)

18. Matt Barkley QB USC , Before or After 62.5

A. Before (1 Point)

B. After (1 Point)

19. Dustin Hopkins PK FSU, Before or After 133.5

A. Before (1 Point)

B. After (1 Point)

20. Manti Te’o MLB Notre Dame, Before or After 32.5

A. Before (1 Point)

B. After (1 Point)

All entries must be made by Thursday 4pm EST (So I can add them to the sheet)....if you post an entry but need to make a change, please do it as a response to your own post.

Tie - Breaker

1) % of total answers correct (IE 16 of 20 right is better than 15 of 20 right)

2) Highest Points on any single question

3) Best Score on Multiple Point Questions

4) It's a tie

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