Witty's "Deal With It" Final Submitted Mockery for 2013 (with Poll)

It's over. It's done. THE TRADE for Revis has been completed and with it... we only lose this year's First Rounder. It hurts in some respects - we miss out on drafting a good rookie - but on the other hand we DON'T trade away more of the draft picks we STILL need to fix holes at other positions.

So, here are the rules:

1) I draft by "Best Player at Highest Needs": there are at least three roster spots the Bucs can look at each round to find a quality player at that spot to fix one of those needs.

2) I will not draft Punter.

3) I would LOVE to draft Offensive Tackle, but word is Dominick doesn't, so that is reflected in my Mockery.

4) I would LOVE to draft Tight End, but some fans complain that the offensive scheme won't rely too much on receiving-type TEs. You never know, though. Freeman worked well with Winslow for that one good year, so having a solid TE might help him.

5) I WILL NOT DRAFT PUNTER. Wait I said that already. Okay. I WILL NOT DRAFT HONEY BADGER. SIDDOWN YOU FREAKS. He's another headache waiting to happen. No. NEVER.

That said, here goes the Bucs draft:

First Round (13th overall) - TRADED for CB Darelle Revis

For the most part this resolves a high need at CB, which is nice. As long as the Bucs doctors and coaches are satisfied Revis' knee is okay, this should work out.

Second Round (43rd overall) - TE, DT, DE, CB

The Bucs still have needs aplenty at this point. Another CB would help with the questionable depth woes we still have, but there may be a chance to get a quality TE to give Freeman a legit receiving target and allow the Bucs offense to open up a bit more. Buzz is that Ertz might slip into the Second Round, which would be an enticing selection at this spot. If he's gone, or if TE is not in the cards, the Bucs could look at improving the D-line's depth needs with a quality DT or DE.

The Bucs select TE Zach Ertz, Stanford

Third Round (73rd overall) - DE, DT, CB

Some mockers are thinking CB Logan Ryan can slip this far into the Third, which if that's the case I might take him: Schiano knows him and Ryan should know what Schiano wants out of the press coverage he employs (it IS a press scheme, right?). Other CBs of note might be David Amerson or Will Davis. But needs at the D-line are pretty high, and if the Bucs want to get some depth help at End they ought to look here. I've mentioned Corey Lemonier out of Auburn for a pass-rusher needing more development as a good pick for this round.

The Bucs select DE Corey Lemonier, Auburn

Fourth Round (112th overall and 126th overall) - DT, CB, ROT

I know Dom won't draft Right Tackle anytime soon, but the need IS there hint hint bossman. Grabbing a CB for depth and a DT with NT potential is in the cards at this point. Here's hoping Will Davis slips to this round and that a good run-stopping Tackle can be had.

The Bucs select at 112th CB Will Davis, Utah St.

The Bucs select at 126th DT Everett Dawkins, Florida St.

Fifth Round (147th overall) - ROT, QB, S

The questions at QB depth and development are here this year because of Freeman's final year under contract and the lack of a half-decent back-up. While getting a Right Tackle is IMHO a must, given the drafting history we're not going that way under Dom, so going for QB would be the thing here. Given that this year's pool is weak, a lot of QBs could be sliding down the boards to where finding a not-too-shabby developmental type by this spot has value. Zac Dysert is the closest value at this spot.

The Bucs select QB Zac Dysert, Miami OH

Sixth Round (181st overall and 196th overall) - ROT, S, OLB

By this spot in the draft you're looking for cannon fodder for special teams with regards to tackling or kick returns. We've got some FA receivers signed up that should cover return needs, but camp competition there shouldn't hurt, much. Otherwise depth needs at O-line, Safety and Linebacker are here as well.

The Bucs select at 181st S JJ Wilcox, Georgia Southern

The Bucs select at 196th LB Sam Barrington, South Florida (my obligatory Bulls draft pick, natch)

Seventh Round - TRADED

* * *

So that's my idea of a good draft. Of course, there are no guarantees. There's always a possibility Dom will package the extra picks in the Fourth and Sixth to trade up into the Second or Third Rounds. There's always a possibility Dom will wise up and get a decent run-blocking Right Tackle for much-needed O-line depth. Yes, it could all change...

So what do you think sirs?

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