Post Trade Mock Draft

After yesterday's trade for CB Darrelle Revis, which should referred to as "The Trade" from now on, the BUCS look to have shifted their fortune on defense. The Trade shocked the hell outta me and probably most fans with the revelation of only involving only 2 draft picks(#13 this year and conditional #4 next year) and a NON-GUARANTEED 6yr contract. The contract is huge, but it's NON-GUARANTEED. Ridiculous. Here's how I think the BUCS could/should address the draft this year

Round 2 CB Jonathan Banks(MSU)--Even with the trade for Revis, the BUCS should draft for the Future. Wright is essentially back on a trial basis with a one year contract. Lingering injury issues are still a factor on both starters.

Round 3 OLB Jamie Collins(USM)--Still looking for a starter to replace Mr. Black. He's not as well known as some, but he's a pass rushing specialist at the LB position.

Round 4 DT Brandon Williams(MSSU)--A pass rushing DT from Missouri Southern, this cat hasn't been seen against the toughest of competition yet, but looks to be able to take on ANY load of competition.

Round 4 TE CB Tyrann Mathieu(LSU) WIth "character concerns" a big factor, the former Honey Badger drops to the BUCS. He'll most likely be a nickel corner, but he has the ability to play outside depending on the opposition(not the Falcons)

Round 5 TE Joseph Fauria (UCLA)We're still looking for a TE worth a damn after Stocker's slow start in the NFL and Dallas Clark still unsigned. The team actually has a stable of TE's with potential, but that's all that can be said about them. Nothing left on the field to rest your hat on. At 6ft 7in Fauria would be a huge target for the BUCS in the red zone.

Round 6 WR Ace Sanders(South Carolina) Yet another receiver to compete with the underwhelming group in the slot position. Sanders can also take on the PR/KR role. If the BUCS can utilize him in the passing game, then he can be an electric playmaker.

Round 6 QB Jordan Rodgers(Vanderbilt) I see the BUCS slowly nudging Freeman to perform with this pick. They may not want to rattle him by drafting a QB much higher.Jordan is the younger brother Aaron Rodgers.The younger Rodgers brother has a big arm, but he's not the biggest in stature. If he carries any of his big brother's poise and/or competitiveness in his blood, he just may earn a spot on the roster and he could turn out to be productive.


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