Mock Draft Fever

How about that Revis trade huh! Two picks, a 1st and likely a 3rd round pick! That's nothing compared to what some people were saying! After that trade, and doing the big TST Live Mock Draft I decided to take another shot at my very own mock draft.

A lot of you guys here think that TE is now the biggest need and I would like to disagree. The Bucs may not have a elite TE, but maybe there is a reason for that. Maybe it is because TE is not a big option in the Bucs offense, so why waste a high pick on a player that isn't as big of a target. Others believe that DT or more specifically NT is the biggest need. Well, after doing that 7 round mock I would say that the need is not as big. Many of the big named NT's fell a lot further then they are being mocked. As for OLB, after signing Jonathon Casillas, already having Adam Hayward, Dekoda Watson, Jacob Cutrera and a slew of other guys, I believe it is not a need whatsoever.

After all that my needs have now become CB, DE, NT, TE, QB, OT, RB, and WR.

2nd round pick #43- CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson UCONN: I would rather mock DJ Hayden, Xavier Rhodes, or Desmond Trufant to this spot, but by the time #43 comes around they will all likely be drafted. So, Wreh-Wilson becomes the 3rd CB and I actually think that he will play as the 2nd corner with Eric Wright working the slot. Size matters in the NFL and Wreh-Wilson (6'1") has 3 inches on Wright(5'10"), but that is only if he shows enough talent to cover #2 wide receivers.

3rd round pick #73- DE Sam Montgomery LSU: Montgomery has taken a bit of back seat to fellow LSU pass rusher Barkevious Mingo despite out-producing him in all of there time together. He doesn't have to start for the Bucs, but can be a great rotational end and injury insurance for both sides of the defensive line.

4th round pick #112- DT Akeem Spence Illinois: At this point I would honestly attempt to trade down and pick up a 5th and 6th round pick to a team looking to get a guy that is falling, but because I don't know who that is I will just make a pick on a guy to fill the void that Roy Miller has left us with.

4th round pick #126- WR Marquess Wilson WSU: This is my guy and I have to pick him in every mock I do so get over it haha. Regarded as the best WR in all of college football at the end of last season, Wilson went into the season with a swagger that didn't fair well with new coach Mike Leach. The two had a argument over push ups and Wilson walked off the field never to return to Cougs football again.

5th round pick #147- TE Nick Kasa Colorado: If you don't know who Kasa is, don't be ashamed. He is underrated because of his experience and production at Colorado. He has only played TE for one full season after joining Colorado as a 5-star DE prospect out of High School. He is big at 6'6" 266lbs but has good quickness. He needs to develop better route running and he will be good.

6th round pick #181- OT Luke Marquardt Azusa Pacific: After the 7 round mock, this pick seems like a stretch. He was snagged late in the 5th round there. If he is here it would be a excellent pick on a guy that seems primed to be a future starting tackle.

6th round pick #196- QB Brad Sorenson Southern Utah: Out of all the QB's in this draft class Sorenson sticks out the most to me. He is a project just like most of the other QB's in this draft.

That is it. The only thing I didn't get that I would want to is a backup running back to help replace LeGarrette Blount and to take some of the load off of Doug Martin. If the Bucs do trade Blount, then whatever pick would be received could be used for that or if they don't trade him, a backup can be had in next seasons draft.

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