TST Live Mock Draft Results

As some of you may know, this years big SB nation mock draft took place at Turf Show Times (the Rams) site. The GM for the Bucs this year was Draft Phantom and let me just say it paid off big time having a guy that knew pretty much everything about every prospect running the Bucs war room. Early in the trading period before the draft the Minnesota Vikings traded for Revis so we still had our original picks. This was three days ago so the Bucs had yet to acquire him. We attempted to get trades for a few players but weren't able to get any deals done.

Going into the draft we had the normal Bucs picks of a 1st round pick #13, 2nd round pick #43, 3rd round pick #73, 4th round picks #112 and #126, 5th round pick #147, and 6th round picks #181 and #196.

The first round of the draft started out with Kansas City taking Luke Joeckel, Jacksonville taking Ezekial Ansah, Cleveland (traded up with Oakland) taking Dion Jordan, the Eagles and Lions taking Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson, Oakland taking Chance Warmack, the Rams (traded up) taking Shariff Floyd, the Bills taking Ryan Nassib, and Jets taking Barkevious Mingo. Here is where it got interesting...

At pick #10 the Patriots were on the clock with Dee Milliner and Star Lotulelei both available. Knowing of our interest, Draft Phantom and the Patriots GM attempted to hash out a deal, but to no avail. New England ended up getting auto picked based off of there big board Dee Milliner even though they wanted Star Lotulelei. DP tried to move up to get Dee Milliner but the price was to steep. The Chargers however wanted to move back, so DP got a deal done trading our #13, #126, and #147 for the Chargers #11 and selecting Star Lotulelei DT Utah. It was a high priced trade forced by another teams interest in Star Lotulelei that just had to be done.

Still in need of a cornerback, all of us in the war room were looking to trade back into the 1st round at the latter half to select DJ Hayden CB Houston. Unfortunately, there was a mix up as to whether or not you were aloud to trade 2014 picks and we were unable to make a deal. We decided to try and trade down in the 2nd round but couldn't get anyone to bite on our offers. As our pick approached the war room agreed that the best prospect available at cornerback at pick #43 was Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB UCONN.

With the two biggest needs addressed in the first two rounds, we decided to try and trade back from our 3rd round pick #73 and acquire a later 3rd round pick and more late round picks. We were able to get a deal done sending pick #73 to Green Bay for 3rd round pick #88 and 5th round pick #159. Deciding to use the pick on BPA, two names stuck out: Barrett Jones and Sam Montgomery. Unfortunately, both the players were selected before us. As our pick approached we got some interest from Minnesota who was trying to trade up from the early 4th round into the late 3rd round. After losing out on Jones and Montgomery we pulled the trigger acquiring a 4th round pick #107 and a 2014 3rd round pick from Minnesota for our 3rd round pick #88. So our work on the first day of the two day mock was over.

During the break period DP decided that he would attempt to trade LeGarrette Blount for a 6th round pick. No trade was made because of some confusion. There was a ruling that no trades involving players would be allowed, but sometime late into the night it was decided that player trades would be valid and we missed out on any trades. However, DP was able to make a good late round move. DP traded our 6th round pick #196 to Seattle for two 7th round picks, #220 and #224.

Going into the 4th round the Bucs war room had a set draft plan. Get Jonathon Franklin and Marquess Wilson with picks #107 and #112. Franklin would be selected early in the 4th round so we decided to trade back. The trade back involved 4th round pick acquired in the Minnesota trade. Cincinnati traded their 4th round pick #118 and 6th round pick #197 for our 4th round pick #107. When pick #112 came around we selected Marquess Wilson WR Washington St. Then, when our pick at #118 came around we selected Montee Ball RB Wisconsin.

Draft Phantom and I both had a prospect in mind for the 5th round at TE. When our pick at #159 came up we decided to go with Nick Kasa TE Colorado. Kasa is a 6'6" 266lb former DE who has great athletic ability and natural playmaking talent. He is a good project TE.

After making this pick, we agreed that rather then taking the scraps from top schools that we would take stars from small schools that were being overlooked. Our first 6th round pick #181 was Ryan Jensen OG/OT from Colorado St Pueblo which is a Division II team. The second pick, influenced by the constant badgering of Deroa, #197 was our big QB investment and we went with Landry Jones QB Arkansas. He wont ever be a flashy big name quarterback but he can serve as a quality backup.

Going into the 7th round, we decided to stick to our small school plan and ended up taking with pick #220 Steven Means OLB/DE Buffalo. A project guy at OLB who will have to make a impact on special teams. I would like to take the time to trademark the saying, "He Means business!" while he is still unknown. With pick #224 we went with our project corner in Vernon Kearney CB from Lane. He is long and lean at 6'2" 180lbs and runs like a small guy. He is raw but talented.

At the end of the draft you are allowed to also pick up 5 undrafted free agents. The 5 that DP wanted were: Lonnie Pryor FB Florida St., Phillip Lutzenkirchen TE Auburn, Vince Williams LB Florida St., Greg Reid CB/PR Valdosta St., and TJ Johnson C South Carolina.

A recap of what we got:

Minnesota's 2014 3rd round pick

Round 1: Star Lotulelei DT Utah

Round 2: Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB UCONN

Round 4: Marquess Wilson WR Washington St. and Montee Ball RB Wisconsin

Round 5: Nick Kasa TE Colorado

Round 6: Ryan Jensen OL Colorado St. Pueblo and Landry Jones QB Arkansas

Round 7: Steve Means OLB Buffalo and Vernon Kearney CB Lane

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