Draft sleepers - Who's your guy??

Each of us, I assume, has someone that they'd like the Bucs to select in the upcoming draft that flies under the radar but possesses the talent to be a successful NFL player.

Maybe it's a guy previously projected as a high-round pick, but an injury or poor senior year will lead to a lower pick. Perhaps it's the kid that simply made too many mistakes on or off the field but made you think, "If this guy can get it together, he's going to be incredible." Or maybe you just love the way he plays, taking a spot on your "All-Hustle Team."

This Fanpost is devoted to your guy.

As a huge Nebraska fan, my homer pick is unquestionably Rex Burkhead. He's a prototypical "Jack of All Trades" running back, a position that doesn't really have a whole lot of importance for the Bucs in this draft. But if LeGarrette Blount should be traded, I foresee Burkhead as being an excellent complement to the backfield.

A lot of places seem to have him falling out of the draft entirely, while others seem to believe he could be taken in the late rounds. There was plenty of talk about him being a potential Heisman candidate prior to last season's injuries took hold, however, and I think he's got a great shot to be that diamond in the rough every team is hoping to find.

He's not huge, he's not incredibly fast, but he has been incredibly effective. He can run between the tackles or bounce it outside. He has excellent hands, good enough to occasionally fill in as a slot receiver after motioning out of the backfield. He can block fairly well. And, unlike many backs coming out of the draft, he's already used to playing in two-back systems. While he probably won't have the pure physical talent to be the lead-man in an RB tandem, he is an intelligent player that will know his role in the backfield, which will allow him to provide the most impact in his limited opportunities. He can gain the needed yard, he can break a tackle or two, and he's big enough to keep churning forward while being brought down.

Off the field, Burkhead exemplifies the type of character that every fan wants from their team's players. He was an academic All-American, and a three-time member of the Brook Berringer Citizen Team and was a Nebraska Student-Athlete HERO Leadership Award winner. He is noted particularly for his work with children suffering from cancer and other rare diseases. Essentially, he's the guy you hope your daughter would marry. And he can play a little football, too.

So...who's your guy??


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