Greg Schiano's press conference, Bucs count on Wright, draft notes: Daily Bucs Links

Al Messerschmidt

Highlights of Greg Schiano's press conference | Tampa Bay Times
Coach speak.

Bucs Schiano won't address Revis, but still open to trades | Tampa Bay Times
He said nothing new or insightful. Duh.

Schiano Says Bucs Are Counting On Wright In 2013 | Pewter Report
Of course they are. That's why they gave him an extension.

Bucs begin offseason workouts short on cornerbacks |
No kidding.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: NFL mock draft prep - ESPN
Yasinskas gives us some draft thoughts.

The ‘Cosell Doctorine,’ Pt. 2: Ranking the receivers is an impossible task | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Love these pieces by Greg Cosell.

How much difference is there between drafts? | National Football Post
Not huge, but some.

[Video] Film Room: Defensive End Class
This is brilliant.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | SackSEER 2013
SackSEER's been pretty accurate in the past.

The 2013 draft's 'Better-than' Team -

Revisiting the 2012 first round trades | National Football Post
The Bucs did well.

NFL news and rumors: Hakeem Nicks feels good, Peyton Manning wants Brandon Stokley back and more -
NFL roundup.

Matthew Stafford, Lions expected to reach extension soon -
Interesting to keep track of. Could be a benchmark for a potential Josh Freeman deal.

NFL schedule will not be released on Tuesday as planned -
Weird, but okay.

2013 NFL Draft buzz: Dee Milliner visiting two teams this week -
Eh, he's not making it to the Bucs.

Faith Hill leaving Sunday Night Football intro -
Don't care.

Clay Matthews, Packers expected to reach long-term deal soon -
Another big ol' extension.

NFL trade rumors: Jets interested in Saints RB Chris Ivory -
That will take Blount off the table in any trade talks.

NFL Draft 2013: Raiders, Browns reportedly want to trade down -
Everyone wants to trade down.

[Video] Greg Schiano Phase 1 Conditioning Press Conference |
Hurray, meaningless talk.

Developmental Days: Offseason Program Begins |
Time for conditioning work.

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