Observations: Teams That Might Trade Up; Teams That NEED to Trade Down

One of the things I considered during my last fan-post drawing up a First Round Mocker was which trade scenarios were feasible. I only went with getting Tampa to trade down because in the end I figured most other teams would stick where they were and draft for best-available-at-best-need.

But in hindsight I'm thinking there ought to be more trading going on, and that there possibly could. So here now are the teams I figure are eager to trade up and the teams eager to trade down and how they might match-up.

Looking to Trade Up:

Detroit: the retirement of OT Jeff Backus left the team with a gaping need at a key position (Left Tackle). While they are highly placed to get any of the top three OTs on the draft board - Joeckel, Fisher and Johnson - they're not high enough to guarantee any of them (I've got Joeckel and Fisher going 1-2). Detroit could well want to trade up to ensure they get Joeckel or at least Fisher. Detroit's problem is that they don't have many extra picks to use as trade bait. But trading down is less likely because the Lions' need for playmakers is too high.

Miami: Here's another team in need of OT. I had them drafting CB because even signing Grimes in FA doesn't cover their woes with their secondary. But they're open at the Left Tackle spot as well, unless they're certain that last year's draftee Jonathan Martin can improve in Year Two. Miami's advantage is that unlike Detroit they've got picks for trade bait: extras in the Second, Third, Fifth and Seventh Rounds. Trading up can be on their agenda and not cost them much to pull off.

Cincinnati: A decent team perennially on the cusp of playoff greatness, possibly looking to make a trade up for a key player that could get them into the Super Bowl. They have only a couple of extra picks this year, but one of them's a Second Rounder, which is shiny. If a player at a need spot shows signs of sliding, look to the Bengals to be actively negotiating to trade up before that player does get taken.

San Francisco: They played the Super Bowl but lost, and they're facing a year needing to restock and reload for talent. They've got needs at positions - DT and S - that might not wait for the 31st overall pick. And they're in an even better position with draft picks for use as trade bait than Miami.

Baltimore: Like San Francisco they made it to the Super Bowl, which puts them towards the end of the rounds where the talent left on the boards isn't so hot. They've also lost a few good players to retirement and to FA. And like the 49ers, the Ravens have extra mid-Round and late Round picks to use as trade bait.

Looking to Trade Down:

Jacksonville: Being at the second overall draft spot doesn't hurt. Having a ton of spots on the roster to fill or upgrade does hurt. And lacking any extra picks - not even compensatory picks! - sucks. Trading with a Miami or San Francisco picking up extra Thirds and Fifths could help. The only drawbacks trading to the 49ers are the long wait and possibility of missing out on a very good player. But a trade with Miami... mmm, that could fix a lot of ills.

Oakland: They're coping with cap issues, loss of talent (and even untalented players), and a lack of enough draft picks to cover enough needs. Problem is the Raiders pursue playmakers more than talented quality guys, so they might not pursue a slide-down. Oakland is still very unpredictable when it comes to Draft Day.

Buffalo: Lacking extra draft picks and going through another rebuilding year - jettisoning the failed starting QB is always the sign of a re-build - makes Buffalo a prime trading partner. If they can slide down to where they can draft QB Nassib - reuniting him with his college HC now coaching for the Bills - at a reasonable value they'll do it, and snag extra picks to build up around the rookie.

Philadelphia: New coach, new team direction, new gaps at key positions. They could make moves to trade down to snag an extra mid-Round pick or two.

Tampa Bay: Not so much a need as it may be a "forced-to" considering the team has specific needs at very few positions, and the best players at those needs can well be off the board by then. At which point trading down to get a player at better value - and to get more picks to help with depth - makes the most sense. And it all depends on if they trade for Revis with the Jets involving their 13th overall pick, which may make this First Round a moot issue. Tampa's also a team that may trade up, using extra picks in the Fourth and/or Sixth to make it worthwhile.

If anyone's got info on how the other teams may look to trade up or down, please use the Comments below.

Also, a poll. Always.

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