10 days away from the 2013 NFL Draft!! Cornerback: "Too much of a reach" 13th overall?

Lets take a look at the cornerbacks in the 2013 NFL Draft. Just 10 days away mock drafts have been coming out like crazy. With every new day a cornerback draft stock rises or falls. I'll start with the first cornerback I seen the Buccaneers taking and move to the others I've seen along the way.

With the 13th pick of the 2013 NFL Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select

1)Jonathan Banks Mississippi State- At the beginning I've seen Jonathan Banks being taken by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the 13th overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. You can't find a mock draft now with him even going into the 1st round. I like Jonathan Banks, but I did not think he was worth the 13th overall pick.

2)DeMarcus "Dee" Milliner Alabama- I loved this pick, but wasn't going to humor the thought. I knew Dee Milliner would never make it to the Buccaneers at the 13. Although he's the top rated cornerback in the draft, I wouldn't take him at 13.

3)Xavier Rhodes Florida State- This was a player who has a 2nd round grade on most draft analysis boards and barely cracked the 1st round when mock drafts first started coming out. Mid way threw the offseason we seen him jump up on boards putting him at thirteen to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now some have him going as high as 10th overall going to the Tennessee Titans. At this rate mock drafts will have 3 cornerbacks gone by the time the Buccaneers pick in the first round.

4)Desmond Trufant Washington- Yet another cornerback who has managed his way up the board to the Buccaneers at 13. I seen Trufant going to the Denver Broncos and the Atlanta Falcons on most mock drafts when they first came out, but as soon as I seen Rhodes going to the Buccaneers, others were putting Trufant at 13 saying Desmond Trufant was a better cornerback than Xavier Rhodes, but now just recently I seen that Darius Slay will be attending the 2013 NFL Draft and not Desmond Trufant.CLICK HERE Looks like Slay might managed to get into the 1st round.

With almost 10 days until the 2013 NFL Draft it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see Darius Slay jump up on Buccaneers mock drafts. It seems to me no one really knows were they want to put these corners. With the exception of Dee Milliner, most of those cornerbacks have second round grades, but with the talk of Dee Milliner and Xavier Rhodes being gone by the time the Buccaneers pick at 13(If they don't try and trade up) it's looking like Darius Slay is the next cornerback up. This would be too much of a reach and is why I don't want a CB in the 1st, none of these guys our 1st round talent.

With cornerbacks like Jonathan Banks and Desmond Trufant dropping out of the first round on some mock drafts I've seen recenlty, it would seem they would be great value in the second round seeing as most wanted us to take them with the 13th overall pick. Picking them in the 2nd sounds even better. If Mark Dominik fails to pull the trigger to acquire Darrell Revis. The season is not lost Buccaneer fans and this is why.

The picks we were going to use in the Revis trade will allow us to use them this year. The Buccaneers are obviously thinking they can win now and there's no reason to think we can't if we address the defensive side of the ball. That being said if we're willing to give them next years 1st and 3rd or this years 1st, 3rd, and 6th(supposedly) why not use them to get back into or move up in the 2013 rounds. DT-Richardson/Lotulelei/Williams Tavon Austin are who I like and would take in the 1st not getting Revis we can get both and this is how.

Take Austin at 13. He's to dynamic to pass on and just another weapon to improve a ranked 9th offense. Then trade with the St.Louis Rams(Fisher would love another 1st next year over this year) and take Sylvester Williams. We'd have to give them Blount or switch our 2nd round picks in addition to the 1st round pick. The Rams could only assume we will be picking higher than 16th overall next year, which I hope we are or trading back into the 1st was pointless. Then with our 2nd round pick Gavin Escobar TE. Why are you giving Freeman more weapons when we need help defensively you ask? Austin and Escobar gives Freeman no more excuses and takes this offense to another level, but not to get off the subject. This is were I double up on cornerbacks. With the 3rd round pick next year(2014) we would have traded away for Revis, we use that and our 4th round pick(Patriots)to move back into the 2nd round and get Jamar Taylor CB and take David Amerson in the 3rd. Hoping it works like this might have to trade up a couple spots for Amerson and might have to take Taylor first and Escobar second. That being said the Buccaneers restructured Wright's contract and he claims he won't be traded because of that. If this is true with Barber coming back, he know he's coming back, but this is probably his final season, give us good depth at the cornerback position. Taylor and Amerson will compete for the starting job at CB and the other will probably beat out Wright pushing him to Nickel. Also adding Barber we should be able to hold our own against four receiver sets. This is a "Passing League" now and the Buccaneers probably would like 4 solid corners. We would all hate for Myron Lewis to end up on the field because we don't have enough cornerbacks. Looking at this depth of cornerbacks one could only think we would do better than last against the pass. Last not giving Revis his big contract we can pick up a John Abraham for a year to give depth and Pass Rush to the D-line or just save it for Revis' contract next year when he hits free agency.

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