My Take On #13

After looking at a bunch of mock drafts, I've seen 5 notable possible selections for the BUCS at #13:

LB Ogletree, CB Rhodes, DT Richardson, OT Fluker and TE Eifert

Problem: All of these guys can be seen as "a reach" at #13 for the BUCS.

LB: A position we need a replacement for. With David and Foster in place, a lower round draft pick or FA could step up to fill in for Quincy Black. Won't be asked to make immediate impact as Black was the least productive of the LB group on the field.

CB: Most needed position for the BUCS. Without going for the clear cut best CB in the draft(Milliner), the next best can be seen as a "reach"at #13. Though I think he's a first round pick that may not even be available at #13.

DT/DE: Positions in which there's a need. At the DT position, the BUCS need a replacement more than an upgrade. Roy Miller wasn't dominant on any level, but he held his ground and sometimes allowed for McCoy to be in dominant situations. The BUCS could just plug someone in similar to Miller with a later round pick. Though I'd love to see a dominant DT get selected. At the DE spot, the BUCS should look for a game changer. Someone with speed off the edge that can be a sack specialist.

OT: Not a position of NEED for the BUCS in the early rounds.

TE: A position that can be upgraded, though not necessary. Any receiving TE would be a good pickup for the BUCS in this year's draft. But that TE would need to be exceptionally good at receiving and a well above average blocker to be considered in the first, in my opinion. I don't think the BUCS have a QB that can take advantage of a TE that can't get really good separation. Freeman has a bad history of forcing passes and doing so in the middle of the field would be disastrous. The TE position is made valuable by QB's that can make them relevant with accuracy and defense recognition for mismatches. I don't think the BUCS can use a first round pick that can't be utilized properly and right away.

WILD CARD: Tavon Austin KR/PR/WR

WR: A position that is solidified at the #1 and #2. The BUCS can use a 3rd receiver to open up the field even more for both the passing and the run game. Underwood was productive last season, but hardly a threat to opposing defenses. The TE position requires quick recognition of the defense and/or accurate passing. Both of which are still questionable as it relates to our starting QB. In Austin, you have a player that has the quickness to be a matchup nightmare for any slot CB or LB on the field. One of the knocks on Austin is his size, but that's also a strength of his. Very few can keep up with him as his speed would allow him to get open at the snap of the ball. With the middle of the field concerned with his play, it would leave Williams and Jackson in even more one-on-one opportunities. It would be hard to determine who/what you stop from the defense's standpoint. He'd even effect the run game without being the carrier or an effective blocker. He could garner the attention of a LB as well as a CB and that could leave Martin or whatever RB we have carrying the ball more open field. These are all hypothetical of course. But this would be one of the few times in which a team had an X-factor of his skill set. Unlike Percy Harvin, he wouldn't be the #1 or #2 receiver and teams couldn't just game plan on how to take him out of a game. Unlike Darren Sproles, he's a tried and true WR. Bottom line: Austin is a game changer. He fills the needs of the KR/PR/slot WR. He gives the BUCS something they've never had: an X-factor.

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