Tavon Austin at 13

With the current situations in Tampa in the last few days, It opens up more opportunities for their draft. Wright is coming back, Bowers is cleared and things are still up in the air about Revis...does this make room for Tavon Austin?

I feel that even if the Bucs dont make a trade for Revis, they have a lot of other ways to upgrade at CB and for a lot less money. According to Pewter Report, there have been reports that the Bucs dont see any CB value in the 1st round other than Millner so why pick Rhodes at 13? Taking Banks or Trufant in the second round or moving back into the first round makes a bit more sense.

Drafting an OT like Fluker just doesn't seem right. There are plenty of OTs left they could sign as a free agent like Andre Smith, Jared Gaither or Tyson Clabo. They have the money to do so so why waste a 1st round pick on a guy that would mainly be there as a RT for Dotson.

Some mock drafts have Star Lotulelei droping to 13 or Buccs drafting Sheldon Richardson and sure that can make sense but its doubtful. Star has been cleared medically so he will likely go earlier. Sure Richardson could be a good fit but do we really need to add a DT this early? He didn't start that much in college so he brings question marks to be the guy this early. If Star can fall, I like that pick at 13 a lot but its very doubtful. Also replacing Roy Miller isn't a huge deal, He played less than half the snaps in the last few games for the Bucs due to his lack of pass rush. Grabbing a DT later in the draft would make more sense.

Another mock draft has the Bucs taking Eifert at 13. As big of a Notre Dame fan as I am, at 13 a TE is not a good pick. I think if the Buccs want him trading down would make more sense. He would be an awesome fit but his blocking isn't stellar so they would be mainly adding him as a pass catching TE.

This is where I go back to the Bucs taking Tavon Austin at 13. He is a multiple positioned player that can instantly help Freeman. He lines up in the slot, Return kickoffs, lines up in the backfeild and returns punts. His speed and elusiveness is unreal and his hands are sick. He gives the Bucs a weapon and future star. Sure they signed Ogletree and Smith and still have Underwood but they all have question marks. Ogletree and Smith have regressed and Underwood had some crucial drops last season. Austin makes more sense at 13 than guys like Rhodes, Richardson and Eifert. He has been thought to crack the top 10 though so if he falls to 13 I think its a no brainer. Also Vincent Jackson is 30 and how much more does he have left in the tank?

Sure if certain things happen like Lotulelei falls to 13, Millner falls to 10 or 11, They trade back to grab would make more sense but if they don't make a trade for Revis that includes 13. Austin here just works and is a potential steal.

Just for those who are wondering who Tavon Austin is and what he is capable of

Just imagine him in a Bucs uniform, addressing the need for a game changing player...just sick!

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