How Durst would "fix" Tampa Bay

I am trying to hit every NFL team before the draft, tell me what you think of my plan for the Bucs.

(team needs: CB, DE, TE, DT, OT, QB? back-up RB, 3rd WR)
Ranked by Evan Silva (RotoWorld’s) as the NFL’s 25th ranked roster Tampa looks better than that to me.—and—roster-rankings?pg=3

Telling stats: The Bucs finished the 2012 season with the #1 rush defense, but last in the NFC in sacks.

Assuming they both come back at full strength, Buc’s Guards Carl Nicks and Davin Joseph are the best pair in the NFL and that alone could propel RB Doug Martin into contention for next season’s rushing title.

#13 Johnathan Hankins DT, Ohio State:
DT Gerald McCoy, when healthy, is a difference-making three-technique tackle, but NT Roy Miller is an unrestricted free agent. Hankins should provide an upgraded pass-rush.

#43 Ryan Logan, CB Rutgers: while many are “mocking” Ryan to the Patriots in round one, to me that is overrating him.
I am not as big a fan of Logan as many, but someone who might be a big fan is his former college coach, current Bucs coach Greg Schiano.
Last year starter, EJ Biggers is up for free agency, and free agent disappointment Eric Wright is expected to be released.

#73 Jordan Reed, TE, Florida: With TE and 3rd WR both needing an upgrade, Reed – a hybrid WR/TE – makes sense, and his style contrasts with projected starting TE Luke Stocker, and back-u Nate Byham.

4th round Shamarko Thomas, S Syracuse: Coach Schiano was undoubtedly familiar (from his time coaching at Rutgers) with the Bob Sanders clone even before his excellent combine performance. An undersized missile could combine with last year’s first rounder, SS Mark Barron.

4th round Devin Taylor DE, South Carolina:
DE Quanterus Smith offers more pass rush potential, and could be had here is well, but he is coming off an ACL injury he suffered late in the year, and with Bower’s and Clayborne’s injury history, it may be too risky to role the dice with Smith.

5th round Sean Renfree QB, Duke:
This season, QB Josh Freeman enters the last year of his contract, and although it is likely a contract will come, it would be a mistake to franchise him with a cap number over 20 million.
It would be wise insurance to select a free-falling QB before the late rounds.

6th roundRay Graham RB, Pittsburgh: Poor 40 times have teams questioning if Graham is completely healed from an ACL injury suffered in 2011, at the time Graham was the nation’s second leading rusher, and could be a long-term back-up to Doug Martin.

7th round Zac Rodgers, WR Tennessee: Rodgers could be one of the most underrated players in the draft. The Vols third WR is far behind Patterson and Hunter, but is actually a pretty good receiver and has experience working out of the slot.

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